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 Polish mercenaries rumbling East to join Nazi Ukrainians in the genocidal slaughter of ethnic Russian coalminers in Donbas, E. Europe.  USA EU UKR and Polish oligarchs, see what your greed for money has done.

11/07/2014 The recent election made me happy, except for my own district, where I considered running, even announced, then was unable to wade through the instructions to comply with the federal law governing candidacy.  The moderate republican didn’t have the passion to scald the electorate with the social issues that drive turnout(30%), and lost by 6% to an Obamalib 1st term incumbent, though our district is conservative enough and Godloving if not Godfearing.  I put together this: “four prongs to my candidacy.  First is restore Christians and Christianity from  second class to first class again.  Second of 4 prongs to my candidacy is re-instate First amendment to the U.S. Constitution: End IRS charters (501c3) for churches. Speech, Press and petition are social media now so we must End NSA Monitoring, spying and wiretapping.  Third prong of four to my candidacy is to follow the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution:  Secure the blessings of liberty to our posterity.  Don't murder posterity. That means End Abortion of our posterity.  Fourth and final prong of my candidacy is to restore the Declaration of Independence’s "inalienable rights:" Right to LIFE: End Abortion, curtail warfare.  Right to LIBERTY: End NSA spy/monitor/taps.  Right to PURSUIT of Happiness: Property: wealth, contracts, real estate and Labor (Tarriffs, deport aliens and End ObamaCare).  Four simple, but very necessary, prongs “Keep It Simple,” so you've no excuse to vote for anyone else.-----Of course, at that time we’d barely eaked out a success against Obama’s efforts to kill Syria’s Christians. God used Kerry’s newness to Obama’s team to change the dialogue.  NO way of knowing back then what a Cabal of misery Obama was working in Ukraine-mainly via Hillary Clinton’s state Dept. via Victoria Nuland.  God was saving my feeble voice as one of few or none other Americans caterwauling of “Bloody Murder in Ukraine” esp. Donbas region.  My heypcs.com site was erased internally.  I dared not publish anything for fear HeyPcs! would be forever gone.  Recently Earthlink became more helpful confluent with my mentioning my plight on Twitter.  Now my Hey Pcs!(heypcs.com) will start functioning in concert with my Twitter handle NormanDeArmond. Keep praying for America, esp. that America will wake up to the holocaust she is perpetrating in Donbas and make it stop.  Ciao for now


What are social conservatives?   They are Pro Life conservatives.

So, all the candidates are pro life.  What is the difference, then?

There is the second pledge.  The perfect pro life position paper.

It leaves out Romney and Huntsman.

There is the record.  It cancels Romney.  He was pro choice before he flopped pro life,  worse, he bucked his religious faith to be pro choice, a hard grained pro choicer, like Pelosi bucked her religious faith..

Then, there is Obamacare, the ACA.  For the first time in federal lawmaking abortion practice is codified into federal law.  Obama is the father of it.  A stark issue that Obama’s core base doesn’t understand.  And, Obamacare is Romneycare.  So Romney can’t run against obama on a mighty core issue, and on which issue, much of Obama’s core base sides with social consercatives.  Yes the democrat registered voters are often pro life and so are many Christian black voters.

Romney and Newt are both frozen out on this defining issue.

In his defense, Romney did go to Louisiana to stump for the personhood amendment.  No other pro life candidate can say that.

All is not lost, my buckoes.  There is Ron Paul.  Ron Paul signed the second pledge.  Ron Paul has been a pro life M.D. (expertise on the subject as the best educated repo candidate) all along.  His libertarian stance demands he advocate abolition of Obamacare, with its legislated abortion regulations, codes, rules and requirements.  Furthermore, Ron Paul is now polling just as electable as Romney and even more electable than the others.  That electability lie fed the prochoice movement is satiated.(Lie because candidacies lead and influence and bring issues to the fore even if they lose, and predicted losers often gain steam and win dragging the movement forward with it.)

But the Paul foreign policy, Conservatives In Fiscal and Foreign Policy Only(CIFFPOs) may say. 

America’s international involvements have been a total disaster.  Pulling in our horns will do us good.  If Iran gets a nuke, Israel has 200 Nukes to counter that threat.  Our involvement in Iraq destroyed a 2 million strong Christian community and made Iraq far worse than it was.  America’s failed foreign policy is responsible for twin disaster:  million Iraqi Christian refugees we were unwilling to import and a million dead Iraqi Christians is doubly an antilife foreign policy.  We should therefore listen to what Ron Paul says because we are obviously too stupid a nation to get involved in foreign entanglements without doing grave harm.  Is it repetitive to say, no Irani/Israeli nuclear confrontation will match the two million lives harm done by our Iraqi entanglement.  A similar misery at our hands may well befall the Armenian Christian church in Iran if we stupidly entangle ourselves. There.  How many dead Christians can we bear the blame for, before God wipes us out as a nation.  Ron Paul foreign policy deserves to be looked at in the light of American stupidity rampant on Obama and GW Bush foreign policy watches.  No candidate but paul even recognizes the sorrows we’ve caused and the potential for worse by our idiotic foreign entanglements.

Finally, Ron Paul has shown at last that he is not afraid to attack the evil and the failed and the stupid policies of other republican leaders.  How much more will the brilliant young men who support him bring all of Obama’s corruption, machinations, pro abortion excesses,  et cetera, into the stark light.

Lastly and most importantly,  Paul is now shown by polling data to be equally electable against Obama as Romney and more electable than all the rest.  Additionally, by the social makeup of his supporters and by his prolife and antiwar (not antidefense) ideology, he alone is capable of raiding Obama's base. 

Why run a corporate raider who is a minority against an incumbent with a billion dollars to spend attacking those weaknesses.  I am not antifreedom in the economy, but we risk running Carl Icahn and infamous corporate raider, Victor Posner, except that they changed into Mormons.   I respect the place Jesus has in the mormon church name, but a lot of Christians see the canon of scripture as closed in 96 ad and are going to grit their teeth to swallow mormon kool aid and Climate change requiring government involvement kool aid with pro abortion flopjacks, to vote for a renowned corporate raider.

Pussyfooting around Lord god,  Where is the Revd. Wright and Bill ayers at the debates.  Where is the charge of perjury that needs to be investigated against Holder, of both suborn to perjure by Obama and of supporting the perjurous statements of another to congress when stating “Holder didn’t know and I certainly didn’t know” which bore on a congressional investigation.  How is it that McCain Feingold did not put an absolute cap on campaign spending?  Where is the debate outrage about a moronic Bush McCain allowing an election without an operating Federal Election Commission?  Where is the debate outrage about Sixtyplus million tax dollars squandered in Kenya promoting a proabortion constitution prolife Kenyans didn’t want.  Was that money a cause of the Nairobi park bombblast at their first prolife rally, destroying prolife leadership.  Why are Jerome Corsi’s findings on Obama’s camp counseling OPM to resort to violence if they lose the election.  Pussyfooting!  For this we will lose.  Where is the debate outrage about unheard of billions raised by a money machine political juggernaught  in Obama’s hands.  Where are the calls for unprecedented mass mobilization to counteract it.  Where does the buck stop when a moronic Obama goes Ape with our predator technology until it winds up in the hands of all who hate us.

Dear heavenly Father, in Jesus name infuse our candidates with the sense that we want them to go after Obama this way and we will select them for it!  Amen  p s Lord: These nodebators have not even bothered to peg Obama as the most pro abortion president and world leader ever.  Help Lord. Give the election like David gave Jerusalem to Joab, To the first one to scale this wall and invade Obama's city of  false personna in Jesus Name. Amen

It has been a very long time since updating this.  I am posting at Norman DeArmond on Facebook some.

USCIRF U. S. Commission on International Religious Freedom has it’s  charter renewal held up in the senate because a democrat senator has shelved it.

Meanwhile the Christian Copts are being murdered by muslims as a result of Obama promoted Arab Spring revolts.  

Nato prepares to attack Syria to promote a new Arab Spring war and the Iraqi Christian’s small protection under Bashir Assad will evaporate.  Obama is promoting the downfall of Assad’s regime in Syria. 

The World Over EWTN program called protections of Religious Freedom attempted by USCIRF a bipartisan effort.  Demcrat policies seem profoundly antichristian of late.  We may need to elect a filibuster proof republican senate along with Obama’s replacement to re instate USCIRF which is scheduled to expire Nov (13?) because of democratic Party anti Christian Hatred.  As Ann Coulter says. Democrat ic Party has moved in a DEMONIC direction.

Japan, according to John Rosenberg or someone else at the early morning news like show at JSM, demanded Israel quit operating outside its pre1967 borders the very day of the Earthquake. moreHey pcs! Japan Quake Take! blame antisemitism and USGS

Hey pcs! was designed as a Christian site designed to speak to a post-Christian America (hence pcs for postChristians), in part reminding from where it has fallen, how a Christian society now bygone would have looked at today's issues, in large part addressing certain milestones and landmarks on the road from Christian to post Christian to Anti-Christian/Satanic, among them judicial abolition of Christianity from public life and resultant judicial establishment of abortion. The Christian political division toward conservatism and Republican party politics has had an effect on the few remaining Christians and this is analyzed. National threats (electoral, legislative and media) pushing America from solidly post-Christian to anti-Christ/Satanic are given plenty of attention. October of 2010, the author founded the Enchanted Garden Bible Church with an emphasis on Bible teaching. Discipling and teaching messages and teaching notes are published here. Hopefully spiritual growth will occur in your life from reading these messages. They also serve as a sample of the face to face teaching you will receive along with anointed song, communion celebration and prayer right here at Enchanted Garden Bible Church in the Enchanted Garden Wedding Chapel (founded 1972). Tithes and offerings welcomed at P.O. Box 1310, Palm Springs CA 92263. Call 760/320-2233 to make a credit card donation. Luke 16:9 Jesus says to you, "Make friends for yourselves using the mammon of unrighteousness, that when it fails, they may receive you into the eternal dwellings.

To the praise of God’s Glory: Our Gifts

Apostle sent to us Ephesians 1:1-14


United with Christ Jesus

Recipient of Gods Grace

Welcome with God

Blessings await us in heaven in Christ

Election to privilege in Christ

Predestination to Glory with Christ

Adoption by God thru Jesus Christ

Free bestowal of Grace to us in Christ

Redemption thru Christ's blood

Forgiveness of sins

Lavish grace in all wisdom & insight

Inducted: God's secret fraternal order

Inheritance fit for our hope of glory

Seal in Christ: Holy Spirit of promise

Gift/pledge of inheritance: Holy Spirit

View to redemption of inheritance/ possessions in heaven with God!

Enchanted Garden Wedding Chapel Bible Time Sept. 27, 2010

Next Monday, Oct. 4:

Category Paul intercedes for in Ephesians 1:15-23

Our Faith in the Lord Jesus

Our Love demonstrated toward all the sanctified

First Ephesians Prayer: Ephesians 1:

A spirit, a lifestyle, an attitude craving wisdom and revelation towards full and complete knowledge that results in thought and action based on that knowledge because it has been committed to faith, a creedal doctrine in the heart and soul of the inner man upon which the mind and will may work and think.

Illumination (The eyes of the right lobe of their (and our) soul's mentality enlightened) to the end we fully understand :

the hope, Greek elpis, meaning confidence about God electing us to privilege,

What is, our lavish and super, grace-riches of the glory of God's inheritance deposited into our account as sanctified by God.

Immeasurable Supernatural greatness of God’s dynamic power excercisable toward us who believe according to the function of God’s super power and might which God displayed in operation in Christ, when God raised Christ from the dead , and seated Christ at God’s right hand in the heaven, totally superior to all government, authority, angelic power and dominion, as well as, every name that is named, now and forever, and put all categories of angels in subjection under Christ’s feet, and God appointed Christ as top authority over everything pertaining to the church, which is Christ’s body, the fulness of Christ who fills all in all.

Ephesians 2

God made us alive together with Christ, raised us up with Christ, seated us with Christ in heaven, in Christ Jesus

Future resurrected ages God will display super grace riches of God’s grace in kindness toward us in Jesus

Why? Grace gift of faith given to us.

God reworked us creating us in Christ for good works God prepared for us to walk in

(resurrection life overhaul)

Brought into God’s Divine power sphere of close proximity to God by the blood of Christ

Christ is our welcomeChrist makes Jew and gentile “one new man” a welcome for all.Reconciled to God through the cross, whereby the conflict was crucified to death.

He came preaching welcome to those far and near

All have access through Christ in one Spirit to the Father


membership in the Household of God

We are a building built on the foundation of apostles with Christ as the Chief cornerstone

All of us in Christ are growing as a building into God’s Holy Temple to Christ.

In Christ we are built into God’s dwelling house in the Spirit

Ephesians prayer chapter three verse sixteen through 21

We be strengthened with power through God’s Spirit in our inner man the this purpose:

that Christ may live in our hearts (Right lobe of our soul’s mentality) as we excercise our God given faith

that we, rooted and grounded in God’s love, may be able to understand, comprehend, together with all who are sanctified, the breadth length height and depth, and know the love of Christ which surpasses knowledge(end of John 17)

that you may be filled up to all the fullness of God.


If the muslims want to stop the koran burning here then they ought to accord Bibles and Christians the same treatment in their lands. Rush Limbaugh points out their horrendous treatment of our Holy Writ in their lands. A tit for a tat I say. Until then, let us follow scriptural admonition as in Acts 19:19 that we should bring our magic books together and burn them in the sight of ALL. If the koran is not demonic magic then let muslims leave alone the Christians in their lands who by choice have converted from among them. Or will their master the Devil not let them do so. Finally, be sure to vote against anyone who calls it the "Holy" koran.

Genesis One: One through Five.

Gen1:1 In the beginning God created

Jesus did it per John 1:1-1:3

The heavens and the Earth

Jesus is the only one who came down from heaven, not only that, He went back again with a new kind of life, resurrection life.

Gen 1:2 Formless and void Just as the Earth underwent a pummeling into a moldable clay so also Jesus was pummeled unrecognizable by an inhumane beating and flogging. He had no beauty that we should desire him.

Darkness over the face of the deep

Nothing is deeper than the crossbound Jesus suffering for our sins straining for breath suffocating in agony standing on the nails impaling him below, pulling on the spike nailin him above, as our sins burst upon the exposed soul the dark black night spread over Golgotha so only the bodily struggle could be heard, the soulrending pain flashing over his face hidden by black dark of night.

Again in the tomb, dark behind the stone until:

The Spirit of God was moving over the face of living waters

The shroud and shaul drew taut and Jesus body suspended felt the power of the Holy Spirit renew and invigorate the dead tissue into a new thing on the Earth: Resurrection life with resurrection tissue and bone, nails and hair. Light of God’s doings inscribed Christ’s image in the burial wraps with a Ten dimensional force and residue, a baffling marvel we study today.

1:3 God said Light Be! And Light was!

In Him: Life!

Life that is the Light of men!

Bright, brilliant, unstoppable light that shines in darkness and the darkness cannot shade or dim it at all. Jesus is that light!

1:4 God saw the light was good.

Good master. Prophet sent from God. Atoning sacrifice Jesus. The creator God come to earth in human flesh to dwell among us and bear our sorrows and iniquities to make a way for us to join him as his close heavenly companion forever. Yes Jesus is very good light, isn’t he?

1:4 And God separated the light from the darkness

Good as he was and is, many would follow his enemy/adversary. These separate themselves from the life of God. Like magnetic polar opposition, oil and water, Light and darkness can’t coexist. So God made another destiny for the lost adversarial children of the deceiver: Torments of the underworld followed by the Lake burning with fire and brimstone.

Genesis 1:5 God called the light day

We have the day of the Lord, The children of the day

A man is enjoined by the preacher(ecclesiastes) to enjoy the wife of his youth and his life’s occupation under the sun, that is, during the day. Jesus calls out a new companion, the church to share his heavenly eternal day with.

God called the darkness night

Jesus was taken and wrongly tried by the Sanhedrin at night the hours of darkness are the Sanhedrin’s when they capture Jesus. His finest hour began at twelve noon a three hour hour of night when he became darkened on the cross and the agony of his passion for our sins began. Three hours and then the three days and three nights of nighttime darkness in the tomb for the only one, the only one who matters was about to burst forth in newness of resurrection life on the first new day of a redeemed resurrection age

So there was evening three hours and three days, and there was morning, the resurrection. Day One of the new age of redemption and resurrection.

Why did God let Noah find Grace in God’s sight. So many weak genes. Alcoholic Noah. Pushover Noah. He let Ham seduce him to promote Ham’s son Canaan as chief heir and world dominator. Ham had to marry Mrs. Noah to his son Canaan to achieve that.

That brings us to Mrs. Noah. She rejected Noah. (Who knows when?) 1 Corinthians 7:1-4 says we give our spouse to the devil when we quit fulfilling their needs sexually. The world’s first alcoholic probably earned her disdain. 1Cor. 7: 1-4 doesn’t provide an “out” due to alcoholism.

What if Mrs. Noah had been virtuous? Would we at least know her name? After all, she is the mother of our civilization. That is something even Mary, our mother in union with Christ, can’t say.

What if God had not stepped into this sordid mess and demoted Canaan?

I know this is new material to most of you. After you recover from your heart attack, then come back for more.

If Noah found Graces in the eyes of Jesus, was he looking for it? Did he happen to notice it?    to be continued (as an article about grace, God's choice and election.)  4/12/10


Eerie resemblance between the Clinton era secretary Ron Brown crash and the Obama era Polish airline crash. Ron Brown was not taking the fall quietly. Both jets lost all crew and passengers, one way or another. The holy Poles were resisting Russian hegemony over E. Europe by the U.S. abdicating its military power and support by Obamian “Surrender to the Russians” treaty.


Forget not, under G H W and G W Bush the Russians were out of the running as a superpower. If Obama ordered this airline crash, our nards are in Russian Putin’s hip pocket as FDR used to say. Elections have consequences, and not just economically. Need I recite how many lost freedom under Jimmy Carter, how many bombs dropped on Holy Serbs under Clinton. Abortion and Kenya (1,000 dead and 1,000,000 displaced Christians) may not be the only holocaust stains on BarryO’s hands!

Could it be in part the culmination of the anti-Catholic Obama and Obamamedia backlash against God’s Holy catholic church for defending our micro preborn citizens against Obama in his healthcare destruction bill.

What next?  Will some other cartoonist moron say don't vote Republican because Repos are led into sex immorality and pushing abortion by their black leadership and that they write about their ongoing cocaine abuse (who knows? Obama hasn't renounced it yet) in their book, and that they registered as Indonesian muslim citizens to get muslim indoctrination.
This witless La Cucaracha agenda strip by Lalo Alca Selzer, I mean alcatraz, is perfect for the L.A. Times which along with it's Chicago Tribune mobfather does The Man's dirty work casting baseless aspersions on all of Obama's political opponents.  From the catholic church to the tea party we are all sighted in by the character assassination Chicago democratic political machine.  The machine doesn't care what you may or may not have done. Give the mainstream media its blacklist and turn them loose.  Lalo Alcatraz disgraces his race joining these enemies of God and pretending he represents Hispanics who have historically protected God's church and the family and the unborn.  What is the Spanish Word for Liar?  For traitor?  Maybe it will be Lalo in both cases henceforth.  Lalo has pushed this L.A. Times ordered claptrap three days in a row now.  Couldn't they get someone with artistic ability or humor to push these opposite lies.
Ibew is trucked from one event to another because no other union will stoop so low, not even SEIU, which actually has a godfearing hispanic or two.  If you sign a contract with IBEW, then enjoy sucking the egg off your face for being American!  IBEW opposes your political participation with violence which Lalo Hassan, er, Alcatraz, La Cucaracha author, blames on you.

Grave and grievous sin that cries out to God for our destruction resounding through His heaven? Not us! No? Abortion, bloody gruesome and malignant is somehow worse than sexual lust for God and His angels? God can take care of himself as can a lowly (by comparison with God) angel.    Preborn humans are defended by the mother and father. When the fathers and mothers decide to spread the naked mothers legs on an abortionist's dinette by having unmarried sex, are we fool enough to think only the leaders will be punished? The whites, reds and yellows, Mexicans and Salvadorans will share with the blacks who steer us into sexual debauchery and abortion. God is no more required to spare the followers than he is to spare the aborted dead who populate torments of the underworld with the billion and a half worldwide souls whose parents followed America who followed her black subculture which leads in abortions. To lie about any of these matters practically closes the door on repentance, no harm, no foul, no need of repentance, no chance of finding salvation before God righteously destroys us in judgment.

Prochoice kills young pregnant women-a lot!

Where blacks are smarter than any American

U.S.Blacks push Abortion!

Father, Unique Son, each inquiry made into the extent of the billion and a half micro murder spree leads back to the moral leadership of the client nation to God, the U.S.A. Even Your Holy Roman Catholic stalwarts, both nations and individuals, are beginning to fall away into his barbarous practice as American diplomats from President Obama push and lobby foreign nations to promote abortion with all the might and wealth at America’s disposal even decrying Canada’s prime minister for not including abortions as part of his health of a woman celebration.

Mary, mother of the Lord God Jesus Christ, has been sent into all the Earth appearing in midterm pregnant appearance. She comes as God’s Holy church age investigating angel. She is Your Holy prophet, the mother of the Lord, the mother of all the church because they are in union with Christ, and mother of all living in Jesus by the commands, “Woman of prophecy behold thy son” and “Behold thy Mother, second and true mother of all living eternally in Christ.”

In every city she receives a worse welcome than in the previous place, Often kicked and punched in her womb, even stoned and shot, but, most often, a free or low cost abortion is arranged to brutally murder the micro child she shelters. The black hand of the dark prince Obama has settled over the world where a pregnant unwed mother and her helpless babe are concerned.

It all tracks back to America and especially the African slave descended society, quoting Human Events:

In 2005 David Kupelian argued in his important book, The Marketing of Evil, that the political Left has waged a war on marriage, determined to advance an agenda of sexual license…, an agenda whose forefront argument is the “right” to demand an abortion:

What if reporters and editors cut through the high-flying rhetoric of civil rights and constitutional freedom and women’s health and brought the issue down to little, perfectly formed human babies—three thousand of them every day, the same number of people as perished on 9/11—being painfully ripped apart, suctioned, chemically burned, sliced up, or decapitated?

What if the press diligently reported on the proven and devastating physical and psychological effects abortion has on women or on the many studies that show abortion leads to an increased risk of breast cancer? What if the press actually broadcast pictures or videos of abortions?

Kupelian answers his own questions. Presented with the cold reality of abortions, Americans would “see the truth once again, and the realization of the horror of abortion would, as it did for centuries before this generation, seep into and eventually pervade the public consciousness.” As a result, abortions would again become illegal, recognized as barbaric and criminal acts of murder, except in rare and carefully defined circumstances.

…the political Left’s almost religious adherence to a policy of abortion on demand has unleashed abortion doctors to kill unborn babies almost indiscriminately in the black community….

The Holy Spirit apologizes to the author unknown to him at Human Events. But He wishes to correct a misconception. The left was drug to free sex with attendant abortion murder by the black community. They are the first and foremost to revel in sexual debauchery as a culture. The black culture polluted the left with sexual immorality and abortion demand. The Spirit must condemn hypocrisy wherever it is found or else the right and even the church may fall into the same trap.

The blessed Mary could not even go into the black community without being propositioned as well as steered into free abortions. It is wrong to blame the left except insomuch as the debauched black community leads it!  Mind you I am not prejudiced  My closest comrades in Bible evangelism are black, and we respect each other  However, faithful are the wounds of a friend.  Yes I know, it is stupid to rebuke a fool in his folly.  This is only presented in the interest of truth.

Grave and grievous sin that cries out to God for our destruction resounding through His heaven? Not us! No? Abortion, bloody gruesome and malignant is somehow worse than sexual lust for God and His angels? God can take care of himself as can a lowly (by comparison with God) angel.   Preborn humans are defended by the mother and father. When the fathers and mothers decide to spread the naked mothers legs on an abortionists dinette by having unmarried sex, are we fool enough to think only the leaders will be punished? The whites, reds and yellows, Mexicans and Salvadorans will share with the blacks who steer us into sexual debauchery and abortion. God is no more required to spare the followers than he is to spare the aborted dead who populate torments of the underworld with the billion and a half worldwide souls whose parents followed America who followed her black subculture which leads in abortions. To lie about any of these matters practically closes the door on repentance, no harm, no foul, no need of repentance, no chance of finding salvation before God righteously destroys us in judgment.

Gen 18:20 Dramatic  The Lord Jesus Christ:  Because the outcry against the cities of the plain (i.e. todays American subculture with sexual license and abortion micro murders)is great, and because their sin is very grave,  therefore, I will go down now and see whether they have done altogether according to the outcry against them that has risen to resound in my heaven; and, if not, I will know it. 
The implication in Abraham’s discussion with the preincarnate Lord Jesus Christ is the very grave sin required destruction.  The subcultural sin that the angels, the personification of Divine beauty, experienced?  Unbridled sexual lust and affection bursting forth into attempted rape!  Even Rape of God and His Holy angels, the image of the beauty of God, His representative messengers.

In a prosperous capitalism, the weaker entrepreneurs are driven from the market and seek another less challenging (or more suitable) market to thrive in. When a corporate entrepreneur fails in its market area, the individuals working there live on and perhaps thrive but the corporation is defunct, dead and ceases. A prosperous capitalism rewards the survivors with the market share of the expired. This benefit strengthens the remaining firms. Thus, to succeed in driving out weaker competitors is an entrepreneurial goal in a prosperous capitalism.

When the government bails out the corporate or private entrepreneurs, the incentive for excelling in business is destroyed. The companies receiving bailouts are infected with “Zomby” syndrome. These walking dead are self confessed goners and need an unnatural out of zomby character infusion of business acumen (“brains”) to keep going. So they pay bucketfuls of stimulus bailout lucre to gorge themselves with brains that these zombies have no gauge or ability to measure as having value or not.


Now our biggest car, bank and insurance firms are zombies devouring all manner of brains. The writing is on the wall, health insurance and the health professions are zombies too. Bailed out by mandatory participation, lined up to do abortions, the health sector zombeeconomy will start consuming brains with federal bailout stimulation yet to occur. We shall have to participate and join in the infectious malaise.

They will call us in for colonoscopies and pap smears. Next we will be required to consume transport, banking and insurance services.

How absolutely unnecessary these behemoth firms are. The ever deepening recession fails to respond to a gargantuan stimulus being dosed into the zombeeconomy by zombybrained no-talents under scrutiny regarding how much they were paid to donate their now infected brains. Small wonder they are niggardly about donating any real help. Thank God for it. The Zomby germs are on the money. Now the Zombies have the student loan business. Tiny will be the payouts, great shall be the hordes of unspent stimulation cash. Good thing. Why contaminate our youth. Of course healthcare will zombanate them long before the student loan can bite them. Have you noticed people walking slow. Are you hungering for brains? looking for a messsiah to lead us out of this mess? Are you hoarding your dwindling store of wealth against an ever more foreboding future? You might be infected by Zobama enzombation with Obamacardial Inbaracktion.

If you think you have Zobama enzombation with Obamacardial Inbaracktion you need brains. Not just any Brains but you need high quality Nonfool brains. “The fool has said in his heart, there is no God.” These good brains are found only in the non capitalist non socialist Christian Churches where Jesus is preached as a source: of resurrection life from the dead, of peace from strife, of wakening and getting up from among the dead ones. Come on Zombies! Hurry to the churches before it is to late.

Zobama won’t give us wealth and good things, he can’t hard as he may try. “Every good gift comes down from the father of light, Jesus.” “God gives us the power to get wealth,” not steal it. In fact, he is very clear, “You mustn’t Steal!”

Zobama is misled. “Stolen water isn’t sweet!” as the biblical harlot claims. The Bible enjoins Zobama and his horde, “Don’t fall in with nogoodniks who say “We will all have one purse and we will lie in wait for those with righteously gotten wealth and fall on them like the demons when they take a man to torments of the underworld.’ ”

There is no profit in that, Zombies. The wealth of the unrighteous man with Zobama enzombation with Obamacardial Inbaracktion is stored up for the man who gains wealth righteously. So get to your Christian church, Zomby, and get life from death, and power to get wealth from the bent you have to destroy wealth. It is all in Jesus and His Word.

Alackday and forge my luck!      Pelosi to pass StupakObama pervasive abortion bill.

Bart Stupak settled for Hollow promises from Raile Odinga’s Stooge. The wickedness of abortion will explode in numbers. No one protects and advances abortion like Barak Obama. He singlehandedly killed born alive in Illinois. He packed his administration with abortion lobbyists. Rush Limbaugh is correct one more time: 99.7% now. At the end of the day Bart Stupak is a Democrat Party hack.  From National Right To Life:   The executive order promised by President Obama was issued for political effect.  It changes nothing.  It does not correct any of the serious pro-abortion provisions in the bill.  The president cannot amend a bill by issuing an order, and the federal courts will enforce what the law says.   Heypcs 3/21/10

Dawning of a New Age!

The Age of Obama!

The age of Rachel and Mary weeping for their children because they are no more!

Why does the Obama administration lead with abortions?

Is it because abortion is the surest way the Devil has of capturing from three to seven souls?

Three for sure: Mother, father and baby!

Seven: Grandparents, mother, father and baby.

Bam! O bam! a’s master has three to seven souls forever!

Maybe there are even more reasons Obama and the democrats lead with abortion.

If abortion weren’t the main cause for a healthcare bill, then why didn’t the senate rubber stamp the house bill?

No abortion super-funding! That’s why!

How will America be punished for this by God?

Objectively speaking, how will God punish America for this increase in funding and availability of abortion?

Certainly a New Age is dawning for America today!

Herod wiped out the babies in Bethlehem in the year zero.

In the year seventy all trace of the Jewish Kingdom was wiped away!

Let’s calculate!

1,972 plus seventy is 2,042!

That would give us thirty years for God to rub our noses in our abortions before taking us out as a nation, as he did Judea and Galilee.

But they did not persist in infanticide year after year as America does!

Neither did the Judas following Jews doubledown on infanticide as Obama does today institutionalizing a new and cruel policy, the federal funding of abortion, as the grand hallmark of his new Age of Obama.

Dark is the age and black the plague of Obama’s New Age, a missing soul for every three.

A missing person, for every three aged thirty-seven and under, curses us from hell’s left bowel.

That is a bygone age curse from before the federal mandate to buy and fund abortion policies subsidized by taxes on our false teeth and our gastric staples. The blood-guiltiness of abortion is about to stain all our new medical enhancements and everyone’s medical insurance.

By the way, don’t you know there is no such thing as health insurance? Health is the gift of God! Are you expecting him to give health to the world’s leaders in abortion/murders?

Change your expectations, America!

The wicked democrat party agents of this descent from dark foreboding to black plague will be forgotten. The handprints on this bill are America’s and well deserved will be our fate in the Age of Obama!

The catholic church fought this battle and lost, but their valor is the fruit by which we know they are the disciples of Christ.

The protestant church by their lack of fruit in this fight is shown to be, perhaps, but a necessary aberration, no longer relevant in God’s scheme and plan for the ages. This new Age of Obama may also be the Age of the re-ascendancy of Roman Catholicism. 

A true light for the dark age falling upon us. 

Meanwhile the protestant churches' defect glares in the bright eye light of the Alpha and Omega walking in their midst.  3/20/10

By their fruits we shall know them

By their fruits shall we know who are Christ’s disciples. Protestant churches follow money and finances and how mommy can stay home idly and avoid work. Quite concerned about trusting in Christ and loving one another and having peace and tranquility with forgiveness. Ostensibly sola scriptura, protestants follow the pope in many areas. Their TV channels are financially motivated and variety show intensive. Politics of abortion, life and immigration is missing

The catholic churches are concerned about slowing the tide of abortion and involved politically in the causes of Christ in society and culture. The catholic TV channel EWTN is intelligent and uplifting. Politics include abortion, life and immigration and the plight of the persecuted church.

In short, by their fruit the catholic church is Christ’s disciple church. I am going to stay with EWTN.

EWTN is the Catholic TV Network.  Its World Over concentrates on the Christian issues in the healthcare debate,  namely that the abortionism push by the democrats is centered in the senate healthcare bill.
Life dramas are presented in its Theatre of the Word this week (It's March 19 2010).  Defending Life keeps the debate alive and salient.  No protestant fruit is currently in evidence concerning this abortion issue.  

Looks like the Grinch that stole Christmas will get Easter and the NCAA Tourney too. 

 I went to tune into Marquette on CBS. Then before the Viking’s hat commercial and the following one could give way to the game I realized. I can’t watch sports while the President rams me with his $11billion abortion super funding bill with a trillion$ in abortion mandated health insurance in it. Not only did the abortion President destroy our Thanksgiving and Christmas, he took our Pro football by sic-ing the players on Rush Limbaugh. Now with His Abortion-gun sights aimed at Easter and rushing to the “Slaughter” of Rachel's children, he wipes out our NCAA tournament as well. Isn’t it bad enough he wrecked our economy so that we, the private businesspeople, are headed for foreclosure on foodstamps and Medicaid.

Bye Bye NCAA Hello Foxnews and ConsTalk radio!!

I suppose it was a bit conceited to recommend Obama use my book, American King Protophorous to find the concept of an unfavorable eternal outcome for the aborted micro children. He could also go to, uh, er, um. Is anyone else applying the scripture to the situation or must we all follow the Pope on this issue? Sola Papa or sola sriptura,? At least Papa gets his policy right, even if his theology leads the protestant world into political complacency about abortion. Plus the “mortal sin,” concept comes closer to upper millstone warfare than the protestant dismissive offers of consolation.

Where is our St. Patrick to drive the eugenic abortion holocaust out of the developed world like he drove the Druids and their lotteries and human sacrifices out of Ireland? Where is our Cortez to overthrow Obama, our abortionist Montezuma the human sacrificer.

Obama can resurrect his mandatory federally regulated health insurance program by saying someone bought him a copy of American King Protophorous for his Kindle Reader. He can say that makes him doubt the disposition of the aborted’s soul. Obama will tell how that caused him to investigate Dr. Michael Behe’s microbiological studies about the complexity of an embryonic blastocyst with an eye on the potential personhood of the embryo at conception.

He doesn't have to confess faith in these things, just that he can understand why others may believe it.

Consequently, Obama will say, we must jettison all language suggesting abortion coverage and funding from the healthcare bill and any U.S. Healthcare Centers and Planned Parenthood funding proposed. Obama can even suggest including Hyde amendment language. 

Obama can even pay off the abortionist with big billions$ to His pro abortion anti-life support hordes as long as the billions are for personal aggragandizement and not anti-life activities. Most of the Christian right has been rendered destitute by the great Obamian depressioin and will not buy health insurance but rather receive the beneficial stolen insurance allowed in the proposal. Their remaining non-abortion complaints therefore are hollow!

He can even invite Alveda King to come and evangelize the Black African caucus and keep all the credit for the "coup"  in the Black liberation Obamian base camp.

Now is the time pastors.  You failed in your responsibility to God to use every persuasion to stop Obama and his abortionist hordes from gaining power in our democracy.  Do not fail your maker again or he will replace you.  Tell your congregation to take the week off to pray and call and cajole our federal lawmakers to stop this first ever abortion superfunding bill masquerading as Obama's healthcare reform.    Can I make it any plainer.
It is sin, when you see your neighbor headed to slaughter, to do nothing!

So the Flim Flam man says in effect  "No. I won't ram this monster down your throat." after the people spoke in Massachussetts.  After some binge or other the Thin Man says we "Have to take it now!"   Don't worry if we get pregnant, because Raile Odinga's Stooge is proposing increasing our abortion spending from the senate's unprecedented murderous seven billion $ to Obama's new eleven billion $ Planned Parenthood windfall.  How magnanimous!  Except that the jiggle-Luo got all eleven billion $ out of our purse.  How about we don't take your nasty monster bill, Jiggle-Luo, and hold onto the virtue we've always had, namely, "No federal funding for abortions."  What will that rutting stag say then?  "I wasn't sticking my 11 in.  There isn't any abortion funding in it."  It is Stupak & Company, not stupid & stooges, Wizard of O.  And the Russians are going to wreck their nukes because you wrecked ours.  Here come your wrecking balls again as you force us to take your monster bill and pay for abortions.

Why do these old coots hang on to their insignificant lives so doggedly when it costs Obama too much to keep them around? How about scaring them about leaving their loved ones destitute? Or causing their families and friends grief by having to witness their friend or relative slowly deteriorate?

I'll tell you why they want to live on. Because the future drawing inexorably closer is miserable torments, the flaming home Divies inhabits and has inhabited for 2 thousand years now. No wonder our oldsters don't want President "Raile Odinga's stooge" screwing up their healthcare. No Hell, you say! This is the generation that brought back abortion after a thousand five hundred year hiatus. They are going to meet their abortion victims in Torments.  In a democracy we are all guilty!  There is something we could have done! 

They know it! They don't want to die! Obama is going to force them off their health supercare and into their tormenters clutches. How’s that hope and change working out for you and granma? Devil’s got her aborted grandkids.

My son at work with me these days hasn’t helped my bottom line yet it has cut my worry about him and the damage he and his friends may be doing to our house. Plus, we are closer now.

It has also given me this to report. Programming is following an administration agenda. Law and Order back to back on TNT had a criminalizing of alternative medicine practice theme that fits right in with Obama abortion pushing healthcare reform proposal. This was followed by a dark and dangerous portrayal of not only veterans but even their proud parents.

I eschewed healthcare insurance for myself. I even rejected treatment fot a facial cance that put a third of an inch wide hole in my face. My wedding client nurses at dermatology offices scared me the more from medical treatment. I found a way to get the banned Cancema and it worked for me. The Medical mafia pushing Obamna’s abortion promoting healthcare reform package will limit us to the medico-abortio industry’s disfiguring Moe’s and freezing solutions on pain of criminal punishment.

Likewise, even though all the criminal ideology violence has been Obamian radical types against our soldiers, the stage is being set to profile and persecute soldiers, sailors, airmen and marine’s and their veterans(even their families) for TV violence against Obamalogues though never really committed.

I found the places the hidden news is found. To find out what the mainlining media (msm) hides go to RT. Russia Today or Russia TV or something like that (it’s in English, high quality too.) Then go to ETWN, Eternal Word Network (It’s catholic) Rush, Hannity, Savage, FoxNews give great polemics, but it isn’t news (except for Fox which gives state controlled media stories only). Whole different set of “what’s news?” priorities at ETWN and RT. We need to know this stuff. You may have to buy RT, I get it free. Alyona is particularly talented on RT.

I’m guessing that other capitalist foreign networks broadcasting in English in the U.S. would likewise enlighten.

ETWN shows recommended:  Defending life,  The World Over, Knights of St. Michael(if this kids show doesn't wow you oldster I don't know what will.),  Demographic Bomb, Quest for Shakespeare(there rewally are two sides to every story including the way we heard about England's fight for religious independence) and shows about the church in repressive nations.

Democrat party and Congress and ObamaPeosiReid stole my Christmas this year. They did it to ram through a now hated health deform bill. Then they stole Ben Nelson’s morality, enlisting him to join the deform bill that streamlines and institutionalizes murder of babies.

Ben, you just can’t associate with some people. They will steal your soul, your soul is their only goal. Maybe if you explain to your voters just how you resisted, but finally lost, fighting ObamaPeosiReid’s attempts on your soul. At least you tried for a bit. More than any other senatcrat twit.

You returned from Trafalgar, the battle lost, the babies hoist.  Horatio was lost, but England was saved and Napolean lost.

click this link


and this one

Parlay worries into disaster

Elusive prosperity, like paradise, lost.

No way on Earth to get it back.

Why can’t tea party mad hatters have what they want. They want it amiss. To spend it on their evil lust, then abort the resultant child. Prosperity is a blessing from God. Tea baggers and mad hatters and demoncrats will get a cursing.  The curse comes from pursuing economic prosperity goals while ignoring God.  God would direct us to erase hainous social evils.  What is more heinous than murdering children in the womb in a grisly way.

One of my son’s friends “goes bipolar” and wrecks things. I want to explain to him that with God’s power he can beat that compulsion. It is just sin. He Can pray asking Jesus to take control of his life. Then he can confront these feelings saying “I can beat this in Jesus name! Satan, the blood of Jesus is against you.”

Otherwise, a future wife and kids may have hell to pay.

Reading print news in the L.A. Time left me woefully ignorant of  a solicitation to mayhem (a crime, you know)  in Ariana's Huffington Post to which I responded on MyProps as follows: 
If anyone connnected with me is struck in the knee or by any kind of bat, whether your pictured Barack bat or not:  I'm gunning for David B. and Ariana.  Forget the left bell curve stooge of Raile Odinga and all his kinfolk.  The blame falls on Ariana and David B'. who put out the contract.  I WAS the best shot in 400 in basic, Mr. B.  By the way, you have a noble name, excrement for brains.  Bourgeois is the socialist codeword for Christians. Every socialist nation from Nazi Germany to Russia and China killed Christians by the tens of millions each.  You are following in their brownshirt footsteps, potential future trarget, and disgracing your noble name!
Well,  I really don't know what I would do in such circumstances, but neither does Bourgeois.
Too poor actually to figure out if it is his real name, travel and find him, et cetera.  Plus, Raile Odinga's stooge has way bigger fish to club with that bat than me.  What makes it worthy of note is Obama, the stooge referred to above, has a history of radical postelection violence in Kenya where President Mwai Kibaki of Kenya gave Obama his well deserved "Raile Odinga's Stooge" appellation and even complained to the U.S. state department that America was  meddling in their election in favor of the Orange Political Movement now implicated by war crimes tribunals from the Hague Netherlands.  This Obama associated violence included a thousand Christians killed,  many burned in the 800 churches burned,  Many more thousands maimed with machetes - Obama's black on black Kenyan variant of the Kneecapper Barack Ball Bat displayed in 'excrement for brains' article in Huff Post,  and one million black Kenyan Christians displaced and homeless.  This is Gangsta Bama's contribution to the formerly most stable and peaceful nation in Africa.
Thankfully the Gangsta Bama (Cnn told Bama to "go Gangsta" on the republicans.) has himself merely fired up mayhem wielding SEIU and ACORN toughs by screaming: "Punch Back twice as hard" so fomenting attacks against little old Medicare and Medicaid recipients at Townhalls.  He has a Kenyan history of doing so much more.  Whether in Kenya or here in America: everything Obama does is unpresidential and foolhardy, including his failure to take the reins of his own party and captive media and turn them away from scary spook images of him caused by comments like CNN's and Huff's.  Don't you agree?

The Chinese deny that they launched their million man hacker army against:  Google; our big businesses; and, the very core of our defense and intelligence establishments. 

Somehow, they say, one of their people just did it without their knowledge.  This from the government that puts a policeman on the computer screen and likely monitors every visit and message within their domain, and some without.

That being settled, how should we respond?  I must vigorously argue with the prevailing opinion.  To rule the attack on America a breach of commerce and a terrorist attempt is going too far.  So is the buzz about abrogating the repayment and negotiability of debt instruments previously sold to China.  This response will stop all other terrorist hacker nations and cabals from buying and trading in our debt.

A far softer answer would be to temporarily close our ports to delivery of Chinese products and goods.  We could reopen them after the Chinese let us place monitors in their hacker headquarters to insure no further plots and attacks are hatched there.  They must also share their techniques with us, which will also allow us to develop defenses against their methods.

This could all be accomplished in a couple of days.  That is before any of their deliveries waiting outside our ports would have time to spoil.

We should definitely use caution before declaring their acts of cyber warfare nullify our bonded indebtedness they hold.  Don’t you agree?

The battle is joined!

There are only two people Obama with his multi billion dollar fat cat political war chest is actively fighting with. Candidate Sarah and pundit Rush.

Only Sarah has engaged the full fighting force of Oabamaian Deviltry.

Obamaian Devil Plousse’s bosom buddy hacked Sarah Palin’s email.

Her church was burned barely post election. There is a parallel: Raile Odinga’s stooge Obama stumped for the Orange Political Movement in Kenya which just post election burned 800 churches, killing a thousand Christians, maiming tens of thousands and displacing a million Kenyan Christian souls. Sarah’s church, like these Kenyan Obama victims’ churches: burned with an accellerant!  You draw the conclusion.  Was it Obamaian Devils or did porky pig do it? 

This lady has the scars. Yet she keeps fighting. Lincoln said of Grant what we can say of Sarah,  She fights!  when no other would.

Who has bought off Michael Savage?  So what if she's been hatcheted Mike,  I have been, yet here I am, like Sarah in my small way?   Have you never been hatcheted?  I just didn't expect this of Savage.  What a wiener.  Learn from Rush.

Are we all cowards?  She has the banner! Run to the battle behind her! Or else, find yourself a wimp and embrace slavery to the overreaching black supremacist socialist statism of Barack “punch back!” Obama.

Make the issues plain and only one candidate is there with us.

Abortion! it is murder.

Gun freedom!  Gun ownership enobles!

Exploitation of our mineral wealth!  Prosperity is for the taking

Freedom from oppressive taxation!  No king but King Jesus.  Hands off our wallets Obama.  Make the ChiComs wait for their repayment.

God has a place in the public square!  Citizens United supreme court ruling Pastor, it's your half a century to speak now! says, "Pastors, speak out for Sarah every day!" if you're not afraid to fight for what is right, that is.

Military might to defend our country!  Billions for defense, not one cent for tribute

Attack Iran to protect our soldiers from nuclear attack!  U.S. Troops are Iran's nuclear target, remove or defend them!Look at the map.  Our troops are on either side of Iraq, ready to 1. attack!  or  2.  be nuked!

Only Sarah is there!

Obama is fighting with no other!

What wimp will you turkeys support? Pop your heads out of the rectal defilade and get to the battle.

The moors are breaking down the gates of Vienna and marching on Paris.

Only one has the guts to fight and fights now!

Quit crying, “Not a woman!” You are a woman in your soul! Sarah is a champion, a fighter! The Super Gladiator we have been waiting for!

Doesn’t Savage know the governor legislates and shepherds legislation. Anyone but that Star Wars bar scene pack of Jackals we call the U.S. Senate. That is the pack that knew Obama and failed to sound the alarm.  Another senator for President?  Bleeaahh!

Only Sarah tried to alarm us. That is what we need: Watchman Sarah to watch out for the U.S.A.  Failed watchman of Ezekiel McCain and his louts even conspired against her.  Minion Robert Gibbs serves his dark knight by belittling her, like the hooded English henchman did Joan of Arc.  Gibbs' dark master made genital female smell remarks about her, how can flunky Gibbs expect to do better, like be an iota chivalrous.  What the cocaine haze stole from his master, Gibbs forfeits we know not why.

Join the battle.  Don't run away.  Will you fight with braveheart or pull away leaving the valiant to fight the devilish enemy alone. Alons! Alons!  Let's go!  Get after em!  Rally to Sarah!  Rally to the champion!  There is no other!


To every thing there is a season,

and a time to every purpose under heaven.

Favorite link

Larded Layity; Porky Pastorate!

Still no notice taken  how the Supreme Court just liberated the churches in the Citizens United ruling. God made the Jews wander forty years until all the slaves died in the wilderness. Then came free people into the promised land. You just can’t give freedom to slaves, neither can you give Christ to an idolater. God told them they were sacrificing to Egyptian idols in their wanderings forty years, not to him. Now the gift of freedom to shout about abortion and antiChristian policies during the days and weeks leading to election has been bestowed on the church from on high.

What does the church do? If only, like the daughter in True Lies, “How lame?” of the court’s gift would the church cry out, then, at least the gift is acknowledged. Worse than an ingrate, the church is oblivious, not recognizing the gift.

Contented bloated fat churches let the culture spin away into debauchery with hardly a protest. Corpulent churches are silenced by tyranny over their political speech in effect fifty years. Fat churches have let their flaming political oratorical muscle atrophy. Chunky churches exist to entertain and flatter. Harsh political conflict, that can make a difference and exercise away the blubber, is shunned by America’s rotund rectors.

This current crop of fat ministers is no more to be blamed than the Jews leaving Egypt. The pastors who knelt to receive Lyndon Johnson’s muzzle of national communion bear the greater blame. But shouldn’t the next generations have shown at least the resistance to know when the muzzle has been removed? We the church are just pathetic. Pass the potatoes. Forgive the abortions. Ignore the corruption.  Oh, and don't fight back when the political elite denigrate you and your congregation and blaspheme Jesus.  Have a pork chop.

Score one for the Lord. Can’t stop nonprofit corporation free speech, electioneering in particular. Funky little democrat invented fifty year old antichurch IRS gag law has to be, by Citizen’s United ruling and opinion, invalidated.

Read the opinion pastors, go to Supreme Court, then press “opinions,” then press the top choice "slip opinions" for Jan 21, a day that will live in Christian memory.

Read all four of the first opinions and tell me how the government can shut you up.

Then, have courage, pastor. After all you’ve been pastoral husbanded fiftyone years to shut up and stay out of power politics. Now you get to figure out how to resume a proud tradition of shepherding both your congregation and how they understand the Christian issues, including who you recommend they vote for and why the week of the election, in our democracy. Don’t fail your congregation, the American church, and the chief shepherd. Once we start opening our Christian mouth into politics, our national mores and outlook will return to Godliness as we experience a revival.

Now Available: two lovely senatorial daughters.

This mornings local California talk show buzz was all about Scott Brown and his introduction and thanks for his available daughters. A man with a daughter knows his station in life and his wealth determine his daughter’s marriage prospects. For one night Scott Brown was the most important man in the United States and, perhaps, the world. He gave a portion of that half hour speech to his beloved beautiful daughters and made them in part the celebrity he is. Some people have a wizardry about creating a Camelot around them. Scott Brown appears to be one of them. He kissed his dad on national TV. His wife had the speech outline and fed it to him as needed. How refreshing. He is like a mildly pro choice version of Sarah Palin. He opposes federal funding of abortion and will stimy Obama’s end around flea flicker attempt to superfund abortion. Obama even announced today: time to slowdown and limit healthcare reform ambitions.

Maybe we can turn the country around on abortion before the hammer of Divine judgment falls upon it.

From refreshment to potential saviour, wow!

Too Bad for Two Timing Tiger

I left Tiger Woods alone long enough. Thought I would now respond to this Tiger/Brit Hume controversy.

Tiger, like all the unmarried sex practitioners are, is guilty of abortion. Blood-guilty of murder in a society like ours whose leaders are ever-expanding the availability and funding for grisly anaesthetized child murder.

In our million plus annual abortion land, where a third the number of our people under thirty seven have been murdered and consigned to torments, the guilt of abortive murder is in the unmarried sex act regardless of the reproductive outcome. Tiger’s neck is in the noose tied to an anvil the Bible calls an upper millstone already cast beyond the bottom of the Mariana’s trench. That golfer won’t be offered the gift of faith, as will not the other unmarried sexers. By grace you have been saved through faith, it is the gift of God.

No gift of god for Tiger! The upper millstone War God wages against Tiger prohibits it. Whether or not there is some other way to faith for salvation is open to question.

Before Obama left for his “Nobel the bomb inventor” piece prize, he gave $600million of our money we don't have to U S healthcare clinics aka planned parenthood abortion centers. Tiger’s little micro-babies likely will precede him to torments through these extermination centers.

The old Bomb maker Nobel outdid himself didn’t he? Abortion promoters, Yasser Arafat, Climate hoaxers: all line up for their piece of TNT Nobel’s prize. The 1.5 billion abortions already committed exceed whatever paltry murders the evil Japs Nazis, Russians and Muslims did in war and persecution. They exceed by far all those who died in every war and by every murder and campaign of persecution ever committed. How long before we lay the blame for them where it belongs: at the feet of Tiger Woods and every unmarried sexer; and at the feet of every BenNelson and Barack Obama. If only Tiger could trust in Christ, If only Obama could, then they might escape their plight. Alas Brit, it is not so easy. Faith is easy because it is a gift. Part of God’s inexorable juggernaught of judgement on a degenerative former priest nation is to withhold the gift of faith, that curious thing that helps us believe past the web of lies against creation and divine law and order. It is withheld from God’s warfare opponents. Too bad for Tiger. Too bad for Obama.

Divine Retaliation

Healthcare reform promotes abortion.

Abortion triggers God to attack the perpetrators, the blood-guilty parents, doctors, politicians, administrators and nurses. Fully half the American population are blood-guilty of abortion plus the surviving children of the blood-guilty. Why should God stay His hand? For the other half, you say? Hardly. Given the commonality of promiscuity and the likelihood of abortion, the blood-guiltiness of abortion is included in unmarried sex. Much of the other half, isn’t it?

So this is a matter of life and death for all of us Americans.  Repent and follow Jesus or march deeper into blood-guiltiness and God’s retaliatory attack.

God has a stake in the children conceived, particularly in a priestly nation that has known God and His precepts. He promises a Judas style punishment if we harm these children. These Democrat politicians are going to be noosed to an anvil for this. Think of the black caucus in congress. Scarcely have the republicans freed the negro from the Southern democrat clansman’s noose, and, now these lead their own people by example slipping the divine noose around their necks and tightening it before God throws the Upper millstone anvil attached to it past the bottom of the sea. Think of the democratic women in congress. Their noose is made of the wire hangers they lied about escaping from. These show the rest of American womanhood how to put it on.  The liberal democratic men know why they are so noosed by God. This abortion debacle has always been about freedom to engage in sexual immorality, about enslaving women stealing their right as co-heirs of the grace of life, about throwing off the chains of natural consequence of lust by murdering their offspring. In hammering away their divine chains Obama and his lusty democrats have instead forged themselves steely chains eternal that endure the fires of torments of the underworld and the lake of fire coming. The spiritual man can see them and here them rattle.

The only answer is to turn to God and give God’s pastorate back the voice of restraint in politics that we let the democrats steal. Why should our now profaned formerly hallowed halls of government hear every other voice but not God’s pastors. We are sheep without a shepherd. We’ve turned to our own way. All of us have sinned. there is writing on the White House wall. “Weighed in a balance and found wanting”

We’ve forged our chains. The awesome weight of national abortion blood-guiltiness setting on the Dover cliff teetering toward an inescapable plunge to damnation. Kiss America goodbye!  

Say "Hello!" to Obama’s democrat healthcare reform.

All the security rigmarole I go through when starting my computer plus the long waits to initialize and process. Over nine minutes before I can write anything at all.

My joy at my clippers beating my second favorite team abated when I noticed the sound of water dripping, no closer to cascading. The hot water heater was leaking and across three rooms of the house at that. My dad had the luxury of paying $49 to $69 for the appliance. Not me. My hot water heater choice was 1. low Nox Southern California Air Quality Management District.

The only units for sale were Whirlpool $488 (Lowes) and GE $397 (Home DePot). Usually basic boilers and such go down over time. Let the government regulators get involved and the poor soon can’t afford such things.

The great Obamian depression stole my ability to open a Home DePot charge acct and save ten per cent and make no payments until July, application denied. So I went out to my car to get Sears Phone # from Onstar, but Sears was closed. I remembered also that they were already doing the dangerous operation of pulling the appliance from the third tier of warehouse racks. As I went back in to buy it I asked the Lord about my finances and his care of his servant, namely me. Then I waited to ask the Home Depot man about a feared Piezoelectric igniter, a passerby offered me use of his gift card at a 75% reimbursement and was I ready to check out? I jumped at the offer and we went up front and bought it with my benefactor’s gift card. He even helped me load it and we went to the bank across the parking lot and I withdrew enough to pay him the $320 he asked for. I gave the teller my wedding chapel card and then gave one to the nice guy who helped me as an introduction card and we discussed his own upcoming wedding, yet another blessing.

Still shouldn’t a big boiler with four ports and a thermostat be cheaper and cheaper with the passage of time. Let the environmental quality commissars get involved and the price becomes burdensome not to mention the potential failure from complications in design to meet questionable requirements environmentally.

In my new book you will learn about the Bible foretold future without really trying. You will learn about infant salvation, too.

  Pathos, twists, turns, surprises and, for some of you, tears of empathy, guilt or both await you here as a short cathartic novel takes you through the remaining portals of prophetic history about to unfold.

God has harsh judgment against aborters. We should emulate God in this.

The doctrine that the parents status as believing in Christ or not determines the judgment and disposition of the soul of a dead infant has these consequences. Pastoral pressure to be saved must be placed on parents of both infants and the yet-to-be-born. Pastors are released from burden to evangelize abortionists and parents who aborted, which by extension of intent includes all who have unmarried sex in an abortion prone society like ours. The intent to abort may be concluded from the very unmarried sex act. God himself is not released from willing all to be saved. Like the governor looking on as death row inmates trudge from their death row cell to the injection or firing squad, he has to stick to “his better that they were thrown in the sea with a millstone noosed around their neck” judgment on these we cavalierly let off Scot-free in our society. Numbers 14:18 God will not leave unpunished, but will surely punish the iniquity of the fathers on their children. 

For salvation from their wallowing in unmarried sex and/or desire for it, let the aborters faith in the hope and change of Revd. Wright’s church of Obamian Black Supremacy find that end which is fitting for them. You can’t hoist anchor and Move On when the anchor is the aborted child you are noosed to in hell.

Hey pcs, I'm glad you found Hey pcs!  What's a pc?  You are.  But, you are not a personal computer. Hopefully not a politically correct.  P is for post, as in after.  C is for christian.  S is just the plural suffix, when applicable. It just means our culture has changed.  How we are viewed changed with it.  Unfortunately we are perhaps acs(AntiChristians, synonym s for Satanic) having it seems degenerated as a culture since this site started.
  Members of a Christian culture, like a nation, might be called Christians by association, in this case, a blessing by association.   These we might call c or pl. cs. 
  There are no cs, unfortunately, for we live in a pc age.  In a c age public education followed the intent of the legislators in setting up free public ed. in the first place.   That is, educate to equip a generation to handle the bible and evangelise the pre-cs(pre-cs, American native peoples) <research Nothwest Ordinance>.  
  Sometime before 1962 the U.S. of A. slipped into pc status and eventually the conserving part of our government,the judiciary and the Supreme Court(the coven of nine), fell into step.  The judiciary and the Supreme Court(the coven of nine) expurged Jesus, God and religion from the public schools; and, not just from our schools, from all public life. Now with impunity our schools can indoctrinate against god, Jesus and religion.  Actually, they can and do expound on, and so promote, every different occult and pagan practice and religion; save Christianity.  Now our shame bubbles out like the seafoam on the breaking waves of the pc sea.  Consequently, we have generations brought up anti-c in pc U.S.A.  Some even say that the movie industry can't include religion in movies.  There is a rule or law.  They apply the 1962 change to public life in general.  If and when we are anti-c (ac), the court(coven of nine) will eventually make just such a ruling. 
  What's a pc? I have seen the enemy, and it is me, and, it is you.  We are altogether off course in a tragic coarse and banal pc existence our forefathers feared for us.  Perhaps the greatest generation, those who fought WWll, were the first to graduate to pcs, maybe it was the roaring 20's. 
  How will we know we have some time past  moved on to anti-c or ac status.  We may be about to witness, yea, experience, that next debauchle.  That transition may be awaiting a hallmark like the c to pc hallmark: banning of prayers in schools.   (actually since this was written the election of a black separatist/supremacist antiAmerican pro-muslin antiChristian president seems to have fulfilled our new descriptive term ac/s  antichrist/satanic.)
  Or, we may witness an ennobling event to exhibit that we have some time past reverted to our former c glory.  Maybe we will save the abortees from the fiery hell awaiting them(see Bible perspectives, theology,save the children pages).  Perhaps we will promote the teaching of our Christian heritage in the publ. ed. schools.
  Does the power of inertia want us to stay pc: or, is it driving us inexorably;  either back to c, or, on to ac.       more to come...  

Whups! I think we vjust shot past pc into ac/s antiChristian/ Satanic status!

Republican conservatives are ashamed of Christians.

Democratic liberals hate Christians.

Why then do we waste our effort with them? 

Are Christians to lazy to organize?

After we are baptized into Jesus Mashiach the Nazarene we read the Bible or are taught of it that we are baptized into his body the worldwide totallity of all believers in Him.  So we are as much a part of persecuted Burmese believers in Thai and Cambodian refugee camps and the diaspora from Iraq as we are the pastor in our local church.  Sponsoring these into our country should be our interest.  Instead Christ hating Syria and Buddhist Thailand are doing our job as Christians.  May God richly bless Syria, Thailand and Cambodia for doing it with the blessing that should be ours.  If we had a Christian political movement party we would know this and it would be legislatively and cabinet level debated.  To Democrats and Republicans it is not on the radar.  Nor is it on the local churches radar.  Maybe we'll be no bigger than the green party, but at least we'll have tried.

These links which follow have value, but are fairly dated:  using the navigation bar(above) and the links in the articles is recommended.

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National Father and national abortionist antithetical. Baldfacedly lying about it by accusing others of lying. I want the war hero please. What's worse than an abortionist? A lying abortionist.

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Hey Pcs! Let's make a Christian 3rd party!
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Christins belong in the culture, esp. in politics

President Bush is did what an American president should do and very nearly perfectly.  We are under terrorist attack and have declared war on terrorist nations, organizations and individuals.  Fight them to the death. Give no quarter.  Curse the traitors who naysay our mortal combat curse them with every fiber of our being!

Hey pcs! Political Christians! SuperGladiators! We need a pc, party of Christ  “There is no cause more important than affirming the transcendent right to life of all human beings, the right without which no other rights have any meaning”  Abortion and the Conscience of the Nation, President Ronald Reagan, 1984   goodnorman@live.com