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02/06/08  Now, marginalized Rush, Laura and Fox  now talking to each other and a small mormon base.  They are basically run out of the party for betraying antiChristian then anti moderate feelings held by the repo. estabklishment they front for.
1/16/08 Heard one Russian Limburger call today.  A romney girl, pasted Huck and McCain together as "compassionate conservatives,"  who she calls liberals.  No question or challenge from Russian Limburger ergo ipso facto he agrees.
See now why we need a Christian political party?  There is no distinctian between a compassionate conservative and a Christian conservative to these MENSA-heads who believe there is no spiritual reality.  By their Words and four dimensional intyellect they want to conquer.  Take heart my pc brothers.  We shall overcome, some day, and perhaps sooner than later, and, perhaps if we humiliate ourselves enough, by interjecting our political Christianity into every conversation and correspondence everywhere we go,  perhaps we can be the supergladiators on the political scene that God is calling us in Christ to be!    Wait,  it just gets richer!!!!
Russian Limburgersd little mormon schill plant girl caller says not to vote for them if nominated.  Again, no question or challenge from Russian Limburger, ergo, ipso facto he agrees.
See now why we need a Christian political party?  If the Christians finally get a place at the republican party table, "abandon the Repo. party!"  says Rush, using this style. I wonder if this is what the establishment Republicans want Christians to do!  If it is good for the goose(even a Russian Limburger goose), It is just as good for the supergladiating gander!  We have a repo. party that abandons us if our man is nominated.  How can web start reaching out across the aisle to the dem supporters to get the majority we need to win the national election!
The repo. establ. is trying to force us out of the party rather than let us take over by winning the election.  So much like the Biblical Sanhedrin.  So jealous, cooking up lies about Huckabees position, believing them and then spreading the lies.  It is actually a devilish/demonnic formula that has been used against Christ, Christians and Christianity from the beginning.  Before that, Haman used it.  How does the Lord's servant respond?  We should continue to take over the party by winning the nomination for Huckabee.  That will ensure us a place at the table for a few months.  The repo. establishment will try to throw the election.  We have a few extra dimensions of gladiator weaponry to make a successful run at the general presidential election without the repo. establishment.  The federal legislative candidates will be afraid to go it alone without the Christians.  Though they be repo elite, they'll lock step with Huckand maybe even keep both the repo. establ. and the Christian dem.s Huck will need.  As we gather the Christian dems we can also extend the, sure to be rejected, olive branch of peace to the dem and repo establishments in the form of the gospel of peace and perhaps even get a national revival going in the process.
It's the darnedest thing ever.  The Repo. establ. just pushed us Christian Conservatives to the left with pullout prima donna threats, using a little pullout prima donna mormon girl caller to do it!  Here is a surprise for MENSA touting pullout prima donna Rush.  There are plenty of Christians over on the left, you are making us go their to seek out our brothers in Christ! But that is why you have a show and prominence.  You tip the hand of the Sanhedrin so we can respond.  And, we only have to listen 15min. a day to get the picture
1/15/08      Lobbyist Thomsson attacks Huck's campaign manager for his own positions on an ancient president Fred still thinks modern voters care about.  As Fred Mertz rubs his forehead the Lucy-lian comedy of the puzzled old man forebodes his everfurther descension into the last place also ran with Ron Paul as co-inhabitor of the cellar.  Not advisable, if you care about the party, Fred, which you don't, and, who cares?  Not advisable to go back into your historical archives to call to attention loyal supporters of the party's last monumental politician, like little chi-coms called to outbest each other eulogizing Mao,  What ostracising garbage were you prepared old Fred to dump on the one who strayed from the Reaganpath.  Not good because the dems to can go back to a more recent monumentally successful politician/president: Bill! who can bring all that good political strength mightily against all rivals while his smarter other half pushes on against all rivals.  All ol Fred has is memories of the Good ol' days to stomp on the last best hope for needed change in Ameria: Huck!
1/13/2008  Fox Phony Media debates deciphered. Fred Thompson plays into Machiavellian hands of repo.'s establishment (the foools, Limbaugh, for instance, Hannity for another who let W. leave all the Clinton cronies in place to sabotage w's admin. They are not worried about whose in national power as long as they are in repo party esteem, like the sanhedran . Their supposed Nat'l Rev. style conservatism actually suffers from the same tragic flaw as dem. ism, lib ism, soc. ism, com ism, bud ism, musl ism, and juda ism! They marginalise and hedge out and segment away Jesus Christ, then they purge his followers as a threat to their little fiefdom). Result: the first time Fred looks smart and quickwitted is a half read, half memorized playacted laundry list of the lifelong accusations against Huck.  What were they.?  Nonreaganal behaviour God forbid!  Outer darkness for him!  Our near dementia alzheimer was able to half memorize his last few lines ever and deliver them convincingly in effort to sink the little ship of faith Huck pilots. What amazes is that Huck's positions are doctrinaire conservative and innovatively so:  mikehuckabee.com(issues page).  So it isn't his fabulous conservative credentials.   Huck helped author Christian support for Ronald Reagan.  It is the addition to them of Christian faith that makes the repo. estab. gnash their repo. estab. ism teeth.  Sadly repo. estasbl. ism has descended to the low level of the rest of the world's ghettoization of Christians, a phenomenon more pronounced than ever after the annihilation of two million Iraqi Christians while we occupy the now Godforsaken heat pit.  Fred Thompson great with computer in front of him. Less trouble using it this time. FT spent the day w/ Fox topman Hannity addressing the base on Hannity's radio show. Who fed him digital script in both of the last debates?  We all know ol' Fred couldn't say so much so fast without handlers pumping him onscreen. Only he had a screen. Less gigantic one this Fox phony media debate. The ol' fool looked quickwitted.  All FT onscreen vitriole aimed at Governor Huckabee, even Fred's handlers couldn't keep up, resorting to a religiously slurred version of, "What Huck said, that's me all right."  Media, esp. Fox, gave a free pass to racio-religious aspersions aimed at Bush's hard-held-onto allies and enemies alike. Most unpresidential vitriolic ol' fool,  and this is how his handlers want to present him, as a hardboiled insensitive ol' fool. It was better when they let Fred speak for himself, at his rate of senior citizen thought. Fred may have known of the coven of nine's recent decision Governor Huckabee informed the ol dimwit and his computer prompting Fox handlers about. But, he was too excited and heartpumped from his tyrannical tirade against Governor Huckabee.  Who does he think will win the general election, a  tyrant or one accused of being clement, humane and merciful due to the leading of the Holy Spirit.
1/09/08 Bill O'Reilly made light of his intellect by stating there are only one million born again Christians in America as compared w/36 million Baptists, he thinks they don't overlap and didn't make the obvioous to Christians connection UnAffiliated born again Christians to go along with all the other born again Christians in all the other affiliations.  Poor Laura Ingraham, she can't handle the pressure of deceit.  Sitting with an lovely older lady in the car with me I had to turn off the UnHealthy radio addiction.  Negative tone of voice and barely comprehensible politicojargon.  All in a negative tone of voice.  She makes comments like I'll slit my throat.  Read through Huck's website,  Check out Huck's logical explanation for the twistments and lies thrown at him, Laura.  Then decide what you are willing to sacrifice to help keep the Christian component of the repo. party out of power!  Meanwhile your listeners are finding some of CNN, Air America, or whatever they call it now, and NBC quite listenable (Tom Hardman libradio is the most listenable surprise, less likely to leap into a barely sane tirade of insults at Bush.  If I want a tirade of insults, I'll log onto Don Rickles, their witty.)   We just seek the truth.  We settle now for sifting through ALL the lies.   
1/7/08  Rush denies conservativity to Huck and John McCain, but won't screen out flood of callers supporting Huck,  Can't argue with them.  Just thumps desk and says, "He's not!" sans explanation.  Here is the explanation:  He is Christian, Christian first and doctrinaire conservative second, but a distant second. so Rush is right. Rush fails to see the conglomerate nature of the repo party.  Both and others are valid:
Rich want tax cuts and no inheritance tax.
Banks that want to be sure they can repossess your house your car your business
Doctrinaire conservatives
Christians who oppose dem social debauchery and oppose persecution
Patriots who want national security
Law and order enthusiasts
Economy and trade boosters
Corporate and business special interests
Only one of these groups can deliver the vote.  Guess which one it is!
1/6/08 Uh Oh Sorry, Karen people of Burma; Sorry, Sudanese Christians and tribalists; Sorry, Kosovian Christians meeting on burned out church sites due to Clintonian pro alqaeda bombing wars,  Sorry, 10 recently murdered N.Korean Christian martyrs, Sorry, Nigerians on the border with muslims being murdered by alqaeda rampage, Sorry, U.S.A. pastors forbidden to speak into American politics, Sorry, persecuted Christians of China, VietNam, Cambodia and Laos where only the state churches which teach only communist doctrine are allowed, and, the rest persecuted (most viciously in China: Better to be dead than red like a bloodstained Chinese butcher); Sorry, to all the victims of the ongoing worldwide corpus Christocide!  Sorry, military chaplains under prohibition from saying the name of God, Jesus, in the pursuance of their religious establishment for our soldieers sake.  It's as if the repo party took "hey pcs!" advice and moved the debate to their own turf.  The dem moderators were fair to Huck.  In their abysmal ignorance they believed all the republicans were Christians(Just like the chuckleheads at National Review mistakenly believe about compassionate or beneficent repo.s).  They even believed their Christianity(haha) influenced their policy.  Now, at phony media headquarters (Fox News)where repo pundits and swamees float ghostly from here back and forth to their radio shows, and, as a group, call up Rush as a voice  from beyond the pale of death in strange wiccan-like seance during the after-horror(National Reviewe aticle: "The Horror of Huck") of the Iowa election.  This time the very unbalanced foxy new moderator assassinated Huck by attack questions and airing vicious attack ads by Bishop Romney.  Our great Christian hope is winghshot and in mortal jeopardy!  They had us fooled, these repo. elite.  Even after they abandoned Ashcroft to the demo twisting of Christian doctrine to declare him fringe and unfit to serve in high office( a place Saddam allowed his Christians).  The repo. establishment left these accusations uncontested.  Oh well, there was no guarantee Huck would help our pastors in their emasculated plight (prohibited from freely excercising their institutions of religion to help their congredants discern politically), no guarantee the Christians murdered worldwide would receive aid or comfort from an openly Christian exgovernor.  Honestly he never has mentioned these mattersd to Hey pcs' knowledge.
Yet, Hey pcs held out hope.  Just as a pc turned to Pat Brown's son Jerry with hope after Barbara Bush said the abortion issue was not important  (or similar words) back in 1992.  (It was likely due to Quayle's unique Christian stance.  I got back to G.H.W. before election day, but how many did not, and, what enthusiasm lost?  Clinton followed, as orthodox Kosovian martyrs and Serbian Christian know too well) even though he gave no other hope except his personal convictions.   Now I think we may need to consider formation of the next new powerhouse on the political scene, the long overdue Christian 3rd party!
(old pre 1/6/08 introduction)Wow! Huckabee hunting season: Only hunters killed of self inflicted wounds so far.  If the Republican Party refuses to make room for Huck, it may be pushed aside by either a Christian political party or by a resurgent newly incusive Democratic Party.  It may take a decade , maybe only four years, like from Fremont to Lincoln.  Voices are heard urging it, voices in the highest hell, voices the ear of  heaven is aware of  VOICES OF THE MURDERED UNBORN. 
01/05/08All the pundits analysts and such say Huck will not fit in as well in New Hampshire because New Hampshire has a dearth of Christians.  If the political commentators are right, we should rectify the problem by evangelizing the "Godless state."  The South Korean Christian missionaries are barred from Afghanistan.  Let's recommend S. Korean missionary teams make a scouting trip to Manchester in the Godless state.   Perhaps that can be the name for the New Hampshire quarter dollar.  Instead of Hampshire sour cream, Godless sour cream.  The Manchester Union Leader we'll all call the Godless Union Leader.  Then again, maybe the pundits are wrong.  Even, even just maybe, if the pundits are right, and, if God wills, the fair consideration the coastal yankees will give to the national leading candidate and clear Iowa victor(as in overcomer), maybe this scrutiny will result in, if not a political decision for Huckabee, maybe with the help of God the Holy Spirit, this thought and analysis will result in the saving of the New Hampshireman's eternal soul.  Then perhaps they will see that the old man in the mountain is the august Christ looking out over the fair and free land of New Hampshire and America.  Jesus bought us from the slave market of sin wherein we sinned unto death, bought us with his blood of suffering into the freedom wherewith Christ has made us free free to live in newness of life.  Godless New Hampshireman(if that is what you are), the choice is plain: Live free or die.  It has always appeared to Hey pcs that the political activity of Christians will likely result in revival.  At the least it gets some Christians out of the closet.
Since the hated Christian won, the pudit sages announce: "Second is the new first place!"

1/2/2008 Hawkeye Cockeye!  Heard it?  Only one pundit says it!  It is Rush Limbaugh!  Within the Republican establishment he is the Bismark, the dreadnaught of floating firepower.  He goes where he wants and does what he wants.  No one stands in his way.  His are the lips are gloom and doom to his chosen targets.  The dem.s will do away with free speech to stop the molten lead that flows menacingly from his quicksilver tongue.  "By my tongue I will prevail."  He waited and waited, like a stalking tiger or a snake in the grass.  Then the day before his low intonated Cock eye, the Bismark turned the turrets toward the target his sanhedral cronies had long selected and let the giant guns blow forth repo. hell:  Huckabee is not a conservative!  That was in itself a bombast ball blast of a salvo from hell.  The good ship Huckster was a goin' down.   Fair Christendom was eyeing the lifeboats when new salvos came across the bough.  You don't shoot a dead dog.  Some defenseman picked up his couyrage and callled in as lie and twistment of truth (hatched from the mormon Romney's blackest warlock cauldron kitchen) blew across the bow.  The defenseman's H.M.S. Hood had David's aim. Goliath the screener lay stunned to be later hacheted to please the sanhedral cronies of the elite Washington chatter repo establishment. He received the iciest welcome ever parted jovial lampoon lips.  He staked out the conservative high ground he challenged Romneylie after Romneylie and the silence ne'er heard, the acceptance, the parrys answered intelligently.  The Bismarck shuddered as Johnny Horton could not describe in Obama's cocaine dream.  But, I flash back.   What ho! The possibility is that the very divine providence works to save the Repo. party from the sanhedral masters in charge.   Don't gloat pigmy demo, demo for baby consuming demon in control of you, baby munching sweeney todd goblin alqaeda demoncrats.  Rush and the Horror of Huck is the clash of the Titans to you. 

Bill O'Reilly lells the woman caller impressed with Huck's sincerity he  tells her if you vote for hom you vote for his belief system.  By thar stupid dumb cluck logic a vote for Romney is a vote for mormonism.   By dumbill's logic a vote for Rudy says  I vote for excommunicated  catholics anonymous.  I vote for the Christian whether he is protestant, catholic, undeclared.  It is the strong faith in Jesus Christ, His Word, His substitution for us as sinbearer, His resurrection and authority.  These are what make a man stand up for the unborn, the persecuted, the pastor's right to politic(this last will take care oif the other two).

12/31/2007  Mitt Romney made it all about Mormonism at H.W.'s  So we judge the Mormon religion to be the same as thwe rest of the repo. party establishment: STOP the Christians at any cost and the cheapest cost for a mormon or a repo is LIE about Huck's position and lie and twist the record.  It won't hold up under examination.  It will stand the mob momentum test.  Thankfully the Christian core has a stalwart staying power.  Like Jackson's corps, a wall against the waves of lies, a stopping stumbling stone to trip up the repo establiment and the mormon wave of lies.   From Rush to the Horror of Huck these battles are the clash of the Titans to you pigmy baby munchin goblinlike  alqaeda demoncrats.            

12/26/2007 National Review:  This magazine betrays a rich antipathy towards Bush in the Horror of Huck article comparing Pastor Huck to Jaws' shark.  Not only do they misunderstand Christianity, they deeply fear it.  Not only do they fail to percieve the complex negotiations and appeasements required to hold the war together to the now completed mission in Iraq, they believe these signify irresolute conservative resolve.  Dumbest of all, these pseudointellectuals believe the compassion Bush promised to get elected is religiousity, dumber yet, Christianity, and stupidest of all: evangelicalism.  What brings such dumbassedness is the dismal failure of our higher education system to give a small fraction of the education afforded in years past.  Solomon's advisors told his son to tell the people he would be easy on them, have compassion.  The morons at the National Review told Solomon's son, Rehoboam, that's religioChristianic evangelicalism and we don't like it.  So Jeroboam took with him the bulk of the nation and ruined it.  The Bible is full of politics.  These conservatives don't even know the principles they push are so far out of the picture now that they are now the reactionary revolutionaries with odd new concepts.  Much as Natl. review thmay think their 2cents woth of nothing helped Bush get elected, they are wrong.  His own political savvy betraying in him a spiritual education and wisdom foreign to National Review. 

It was Barbara saying, "I thought he was going to hit George."

It was a hapless clueless CBS debate moderator asking Kerry about a Denver Colorado Roman Catholic Bishop telling his flock it is a sin to vote Kerry.  The pope may as well as campaigned for Bush as for that to happen.

These confluences were so fabulous as to mimic divine intervention.

But this new Bush hatred. Where does it come from.  Bush led the country like no leader before after 9/11. A christian revival near burst on the scene as he quoth scripture freely throughout his speeches.  The National Review began to squirm and sweat.  Christianity is not erudite as we are.  Professing themselves to be wise, the National Review became fools. 

To speak one's mind freely is anathema to National Review. God forbid the nation will truly know the one it chooses as president. 


So the lies begin.  Each lie is either shown in true context below or is disproven on the issues page of Huck's website.  Of particular merit for humor and joy of wallowing in muck not truly Huck's is the "Clampetts" article below.  Intellectual dishonesty:  THE TRAIT OF ACADEMIC AMERICA AND THE NATIONAL REVIEW.  What fools don't know might hurt them.

Ann Coulter antes up as anti Huck, anti Christ and ann tie Chuck, Oh Fudge!  wonder what it sounds like in Ann's car on the way home from services at this week's church.  What if the pastor who believes as she does suggests we pursue our belief in a different way than she thinks?  Whatever happened to, "If my brother is offended if I eat my meat, I will not eat it for the sake of Christ?"  Don't listen to her Huck.  The holy spirit leads one to propound the gospel this way and leads another one to propound it that way.  We all move the gospel forward, except for those who are set in the way as an adder, full of venom to bite their brother when they need support the most.  Remember Huck the Kansas evolution in schools election and use Ann's venom against her, that the establishment Republicans she favors either worship as she says evolution or fall in the Kansas trap.  What a donkey's behind she turns out to be.   We allow that Godless is the inspired book of our time.  But tht doesn't atone for failures today.  As Ezekiel said the Lord will forget yesterdays righteousness and judge today's failures.

12/21/2007 Miss Condi drops the axe towards Huck, but her face turns into homeliness fallen from astute scholarly cosmopolitan Russia policy guru (excluding Russia with Russia's religious Christian freedom, now rapidly evaporating freedom due to Miss Condi's exclusion of russia to the world ghetto in favor of Communist Totalitarian Terrorist China) Miss Condi might have learned from father Nixon what Huck knows.  Nixon had a handle on Russia too.  The last thing we should do is exclude a free capitalist Russia from trade or military alliance, Miss Condidrops the exclusionary!  How bout loosening up your grip on the gonads of Holy Christian Serbia and the most persecuted Holy Christian Serbians in Kosovo. Trade it for a division or two to help in Iraq or even Northern Pakistan.  There are Russian commanders who'd love to get their hands on that devildemon possessed Bin Laden, and the illegal immigrant Taliban their.  Oh no, says Condi, we favor Red Chicoms.

We Christians are poor, but not because we can't go out and beat you in the marketplace.  In other words we are not so stupid as to see through this.  Not so stupid to ignore a complete sea change at CNN.  The real media has figured out we Christians aren't E.D. (easily deluded).   We were just neglected by the real media.  Now, in the face of the prospect of a Christian Pastor in power, the phony media tuirns viciously on the Christians.  Rush says Christians wanting a Christian is identity politics, Jimmy Carter was So. Bapt. like Huckabee(not not not a complement from that side of the aisle), and that the light at the end of Huck's tunnel is an oncoming train.  It's a Huck bloodfest out there.  Tune in CNN and find a whole different cconstellation of reality.  What Hey pcs! thought would take a Chriatian political party to accomplish is accomplished by one Christian pastor as a serious contender on the Republican Presidential ticket.   That is making a place for Christians in their programming even if it means someone viewing may choose Christianity even if the aclu and evenlefter may claim to be offended to accomplish their exclusionary ghettoization of Christians now being adopted by the phony media.  The phony media Christian base was not E.D.(Easily Deluded) as the phony media believed.  Rather they were Exclusionary Diverted, pushed away by a misguided offtrack real media.  Is Huck the reason for the change?  Was the real media totalitarian mind controlled into excluding and ghettoizing Christianity.  If so, they were just waiting for an opportunity to bail that hateful bus.  It's a nice thought.  Maybe it will happen to the muslims next.  Except for Ramesh Ponnuru, G.G. Liddy and Michael Anne Coulter, the phony media is left to admire each other and discuss the National Review and run down the Christians.  A surge in New Republicans may also ensue who never have and never will listen to the phony media.

12/20/2007 Rush new Schill plant caller,  An 18 year old boy who admits to being E.D. (Easily Deluded).  As we all know teenagers are E., not E.D.  They know it all.  So Rush gets to pontificate on his opinion of Huck's chances to make it all the way.

Lars Larsen just came right out and lied about Huck re: immigration. Liars Liarson who didn't take the time to look at mikehuckabee.com  Issues.   If we care we look it up.  The establishment republicans don't want a Christian.  Hence why look it up.  

Guess who benefits from this all too obvious misthrow of the baby bathwater? 

Finally 12/19/2007 Rush Lumbers up to the huck hunters stand.  With none other than a long awaited antiHuck call couched in a proHuck vein.  Last call of the day.  People aren't as stupid as that caller.  But, if not a schill plant, how is it he's airing out his marital differences on twenty million listening?  He never mentioned his wife's reasons for supporting Huck, and, Rush doesn't ask.  The answers were so simple and powerful to anyone who has even scanned Huck's website issues page.  Huck is the most upfront candidate with his position on the issues, the most upfront of any candidate in my memory.  As you would expect from a Christian pastor.  My real fear is for this poor man's wife.  She has married such a fool.  Or, for the man himself for participating in a schill plant operation.  There is hope for the sinner in Jesus.  Rush took on Big Bang and Rowen Wilson, the Archbishop of Canterbury today,  Great book on that and more.  The Case for a Creator there is a kalaam(scjhizaam, whatever) argument propounded by  mideival muslims that says Big Bang does more to cement God's existence.   I guess it is from back when muslims were still inventing totalitarian thought control.  (Look around for one muslim apology for 9/11.)

12/17/2007 Now Joe, Globe & DMR come to raise their hands for Tom Daischle's cabin-mate, John McCain, our policy engineer in treating terrorists as Geneva convention signing P.O.W.s.  He should've known our fool courts would give the due process next.  Oh the experience!  Oh the wisdom!  They just fear Huckabee, that's all.  Those three bastions of conservative leadership.  Thought you'd forget about the special weekend retreat with Daischle.  He's kicked out, John, for being pro-abort.  Decent people don't truck with that.  That's why both establishments don't want Christians around to upset their society.  God just won't let us mix the light and the darkness, so the darkness is automatically exposed.  Daischle wouldn't truck with Christians even if he could.  
12/15/2007 Monica Crowley,  "Crazies," is how she describes the openly Christian candidate in the race.  Then she describes Huckabee wanting the world to join in with us to fight terrorists instead of how Bush is doing it now.  She says that is throwing Bush uder a truck.
The gross exaggeration is from a mindset akin to "Hate Bush!" dem thinking.  It is the repo establishment thinking. It goes like this.   All our actual votes are from these Christians.  Christians believe the Bible account of creation.  They actually discuss theology with mormons because of love.  They want to know they are saved.  These discussions give opinions and questions about other religions and cults, much as they may try to hide it.  They are not elite like us.  Money and status are not Number one with them.  They are a threat to our hedonism and elite freedom.  They follow a different morality.  They are led by God.  Therefore, these "Crazies"are out of control.  Their past record and current opinions may be trumped by the God we reject, even the God who knows us and how bright we are not, but hope we are.
We want an establishment candidate like we've always had.  We want a candidate who can be counted upon to do nothing about Christians degraded and murdered by the millions worldwide just as we've always had.  An establishment man who won't listen to the cries of 20,000,000 Ukrainian Christians murdered by Soviets.  Deaf establishment repo.s won't hear the Christians of China, Rwanda, Uganda, Iraq under U.S. occupation, Nigeria, Viet Nam and Cambodia, Sudan, Myanmar, Nigeria,Indonesia.  No voice from America to quell the rising tide of corpus Christcide in India Egypt and elsewhere.  Go ahead, throw Huckabee out because he's not "smart" like you.  Don't be all surprised when the Christians figure it all out and leave the party for their own.  Then you will just writet for rich influence peddlers.  Before Huckabee those were all the Repo. party really served.
Monica also accuses Huck of gaining popularity because of the laeft wing media.  It is the true media, Monica.  Where has talk radio been for the corpus christocide of 1.2 million Christians in U.S. occupied Iraq.  That is just what you send a military expedition to prevent.  It took good old CBS to finally reveal it to the American people.  It was worse than Sudan.  The establishment in media and government cares not one whit for Christians.  Small wonder Huck is rising while the establishment candidates fail.
12/12/07 Phil Hendry came out swinging when the news first broke sounding like the country club, Phil also betrayed his ignorance.  By the time of todays debate we learn it was innocuous, though a breach indeed, to delve, however shallowly, into mormon doctrines.  Huckabee Had already apologized to Mit by the nights debate.  Both men were on game and did well.  Now that Huckabee is in charge the debates are more orderly, the Republican heavyweights appear to be in sync.  This gives a powerful credence to the repo. party and their consensus solutions.  This actually is a negative as far as speeding development of a Christian political party.  Just the idea that Huckabee fits in, and the idea that they are working together for a common party goal, Christian and elite.  It boggles the mindset  about where the country has been, and where it is, and where it is going. 
 I am shocked!
Shocked to see this taking place without the Christian political party blazing the trail.  Yet here it is debuting perhaps the good portents of things to come.
They actually chided each other and accepted it graciously about party etiquette.  Even when Duncan tossed out the disgraceful way Mit is about to participate in Chicom oppression of their people including their Christians especially,  even the moderator ignored Duncan as a spoiler of the fabulous mood now forged between these mighty men. Wow!  Go Guys!  Follow Huck with this kind of competition and even the primary battles will push the dem party into a dark little dem corner of antiGod, anticountry, antiChrist, traitorous, treacherous  obscurity.  That is a place where even the First Lady's skirts won't help or hide them.  It just couldn't be better for the U.S.A. than it is right now! 
12/11/2007 Romney's attack ads on Huck show he thinks Iowans are too stupid to go to Huck's website and read his 9 point plan for illegal aliens and sealing off the border.  It was up there for all to read.  They read it.  Now they wonder why Mit is so ignorant about his competition.  The children of illegals Roomney would deny education to are U.S. citizens per the constitution Rom wants to swear to defend.  Huckabee also presided over an educational system wherein illegals had already been entrenched.  What your concerns are as governor, that is a different matter than the concern of a president.  Huck shows us what he will do:  more than anyone else.  That's what.
Now when Romney draws a comparison on abortion, noses are thumbed, raspberries humidify the air by the TV.  The billions of victims of this holocaust won't have it.  The Iowan empathy for them will blow Mitt backwards like he shouldered a canon.  He's ahoist on his own petard methinks.
12/10/2007  George Will, hunting with Laura Ingraham today.  I caught it on tape here in P.S. from 2-4pm.  Poor old George Will is so out of touch with what it means to be a Christian today,  sipping his martini,  in his smoking jacket I presume.  Governor Pastor Huckabee was not dodging the question (Is Mormon Christian?) to hide his opinion, as you, sensationalist with no understanding of Christian reality, mistakenly  assumed.  It is rather our Christian form of p.c., to avoid an outright denial,  to find a way of saying the best we can of another religion, mormonism, which, whatever else it may be, is not Christian at all.  1J4:3a Every spirit that denies that Jesus Christ(as God) is come here (from heaven) into the flesh, this spirit is not of God the same is the spirit of antiChrist.  AntiChrist is Satannic, George, and almost as dangerous to the church as the Civic Religion of Separation of Church and State spoken into existence as that by Hussein Obummer, it's founding adherent, though it has flourished in our fair but darkening nation for decades. 
We Christians are more than prepared to leave this issue alone as Governor Pastor Huckabee was trying to do.  When you assault his cpc gentility as dodging, then I have to come to his defense with the truth found in the fourth chapter, third verse of the First Epistle of John the Beloved, John the Revelator, John the brother of the martyred James who was first head of the Jerusalem Church, John who penned more books, words and chapters of the New Testament than any other apostle, John, numbered with the eleven and chosen of the Lord to share sonship with His mother Mary, John, even rumored to be with us today, and I might add, John, incomprehensibly greater than the charlatan, Joseph Smith, the great polygamist.  
12/8 L.A. Times takes the former Governor to task about a parole gone bad. The story comes largely from statements of parole board members appointed by Billary Clinton and Hillary's Whitewater fall guy, Tucker.    Oh, a Clinton Cousin was the crime victim, and, Oh, there is evidence beyond cicumstantial that the local sherrif castrated the parolee for raping a Clinton Cousin.  How can you blame a Governor who takes office to replace a Hillary Clinton fall guy only to find a clemency application from the one who raped a Clinton cousin only to be castrated(by the local Sherrif?  The sherrif paid the rapist $110,000 in court settlements <$50,000 per in Ark., he needed Jon Edwards>, and went to jail for crimes himself).  Add to that the rapists duping of Huckabee's good friend and fellow pastor.  Mike gave no pardon such as Bill Clinton's pardon selloff when he left the oval office.  How could you know that a rapist, now castrated(punishment enough for rape, even in Saudi Arabia), now professing religion should ever go violent?  You could not predict this. Huck just sent a word on the rapists behalf to a hostile Clinton, and Clinton fall guy, appointed parole board.  It is hard to be around these Clampetts without getting some dirt on you no matter how clean you might otherwise be.  These Clnton's are the dirty Clampetts.  Some of the dirt fell onto good old Pastor Governor Huck.  Wonder who turned the L.A. Times onto this Clintonian Deliverance story?  The Clinton's took advantage of the L.A. Times, especially suggesting this peculiar group of sources.  Dem controlled media sucks the big "Schill Plant" lollipop every time, no questions asked.  This time the dirt fell right on the L.A. Times who can wallow in it with Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper.  Forgive the wordy entry, I just had to wash my hands after touching today's L.A. Times, twice.  L.A. Times story by Richard A. Serrano.  Gore praised L.A. Times reporting during his debates.
Laura Ingraham poopoos Huckabee, preferring to aim at a policy on scholarsips granted during his tenure to telling us his immigration policy(9 points, look it up Laura) as president which is in black and white at his website.  Any wonder with such punditry we don't hold officeholders to their promises.  We only hear the sensational and scandalous.  And this from a common listener of hers (who has not seen her book on display in any store though looking for it).
 CBS scoops phony media with story of CorpusChristocide in GWBush administered U.S. controlled territory of Iraq.  Where were the repo.s,  Admittedly C. Colson cares about Christians worldwide, but he is more Christian than repo. 
Repo. party is the party of wealth.  They don't want any Christians aboard their boat.  You can vote for us, you E.D. Christians(Easily Deluded).  We don't want you around us with your constant Christian devotions.  You remind us where we are going and what we are doing.  Just keep  to the back of the repo. bus.
re; 12/8 Huck hunting above,   Gee thanks L.A. Times,* and Mr. Serrano. 
Now the cloud of red surrounding the Clintons is larger and even more picturesque.
What cloud you say?
1.Start with picking Yassar Arafat up from a dark corner of failed obscurity and placing him at the head of the Palestinian authority just so Clinton could have someone to negotiate with?  Most of the spilt blood flowing back and forth throughout the middleEast, indeed, the muslimic World stems from this Clintonian bedevilment of the region
2. Ron Brown under cloud of coming investigation, announcing He'll take others with him, is sent to wartorn Yugoslavia, he never comes back.
3. Holy Christian Serbian ethnocide in Kosovo where all 100 Holy Orthodox Churches are raised.  Serbia infrastructure is bombed away under Billary.
4. Stephen Foster's office files secreted away and carpets changed immediately after his death, body dumped in a D. C. gay park which left no traces of the gunshot around; investigated solely by the Nat'l Park service.
5. Now the cloud bears the bloody balls of the man who raped a Clinton cousin. Balls in a jar on an Arkansas sherrif's desk for all to see. 
Richard Serrano we need you and your paper to let the Clintons keep on keeping on,  each attack sullies them all the more. 
Machiavelli was a classy man, President and Senator Clinton, you are not.  Let your laurels as expresident and first lady sweep you back into office.  Quit ruining it.  With each new revelation and attendant sensation, you and your husband debauch our fair nation.
Say, what are those pretty decorations on Hillary's "Holiday" tree?  They didn't come from Bill did they?  No, it can't be, strung on twine, fresh from the jar.  Bloody balls on a rope.  The demagogues exclusive, ultimate status symbol holiday tree decoration.
Repo. Party wealth abandoned Ashcroft's right to serve as Christian in rulership authority, that is after Christ hating dems. attacked his right to serve beacause he is Christian.  Now they gun for Hugaboo!  They're going to insure we get the Christian third party we need!
*How The Clintons Lost Geffen (The counterattack against Geffen begins)
New York Post, February 24, 2007 | Richard Johnson          Sources say the diminutive movie mogul is motivated by jealousy because his old friend Bill Clinton now prefers the company of supermarket billionaire Ron Burkle. Geffen's animosity is also fueled by Burkle's attempt to buy the Los Angeles Times, which Geffen had wanted to purchase for himself.
Hey pcs! Political Christians! SuperGladiators! We need a pc, party of Christ  “There is no cause more important than affirming the transcendent right to life of all human beings, the right without which no other rights have any meaning”  Abortion and the Conscience of the Nation, President Ronald Reagan, 1984   goodnorman@live.com