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Norm's journale

Norm’s journal 3/23/2008 Regarding AFL-CIO Karen Ackerman's pledge to send union enforcers to 400,000 homes in one day!

What can a union enforcers visit get.  Only one thing!   A ballot, a mail in ballot, marked up with enforcer approval, taken by the enforcer to mail; or not mail, if it is for McCain.  Come on, what else could it be.   Ma ma ma ma ma mafia!  Guess what the  inspiring McCain the hero will do for those Reagan Democtrats?  Give them a will to resist, just as McCain resisted and even lash back and take their union for God. 

The parental control software will keep your kids from Barack as Barack "God Damn America" Obama"  Yet so much of the dem party feel no compunction trotting out this stooge as master of their children's country.  Go figure that.   He will appoint the judges who decide what prayers your children pray in school.  What they chant.  Your school will depend on "God Damn America" for funding.  They will do what he says, which might very well be encouraging our kids to call on the God the school teaches them about to damn America.  Well, God sure will be tempted when we  serve a duly elected President "God Damn America" Obama. 

03/21/08  I suppose no parentally controlled pcs may reach my sight any more now that Obama's church incantation and new nickname  'God Damn America ' Obama are included

03/19/2008: L.A Times, Riverside Press Enterprise, Gannette’s Desert Sun have in common that they had to report on their hero Obama’s long boring race lecture to deflect his Pastor Wrong’s anti-American, anti-semitic diatribes from the pulpit, but without having reported on it as a significant issue in the first place.  L.A. Times today quoth the basal profane pastor repeating only one G.D.A. (Yes, I am afraid he said what I thought I’d never hear, what said in person would’ve resulted in one or both of us in the hospital with a bad beating, he said, “God Damn America!” profaning at once both his country and our creator, Jesus, not to mention, in the treacherous context, a heinous slight on our valiant armed forces. ), but it was not one time, as anyone who saw the video knows, he repeated his impassioned and well rehearsed flourish, begging God to damn America at least three times(that’s when the video stopped). Baseball had us sing God Bless America during the seventh inning stretch to support our anti-terror war response to the immolation of 3,000 Americans of all races at our former Glory, the New York Skyline, the World Trade Center Towers, towers we protected as our first National Defense priority. That’s when Obama’s pastor Wrong brought up our singing that anthem at Chicago’s two baseball stadiums, that is when Pastor Wrong stirred up his united church of traitors, yes traitors, chanting “God Damn America” at least 3 times and urging them to sing it. (Has an enterprising investigative reporter opened Obama’s Church Hymnal to see if they have a “God Damn America” Hymn in their Hymnal or sheet music section of Obama’s church bookstore. A $10 dollar reward ought to produce the music. How might it go? G.D.A., land that I hate, get behind her and blind her, lop her head, with muslim, scimitars, Call on Rezco, Call Auchi, Call Farrakhan’s, chickens home! God Damn America, nine eeee lev ennnn, G.D.A., Nine eeee lev ennnn.) They danced in the aisles and screamed with glee in response to this villainy, as at Bagdad and Ramallah on 9/11.

The L.A. Times quoth right up to Farrakhan’s famous Chicken’s home to roost, then left it out, perhaps fearing their precious anti-America endorsement couldn’t bear the scrutiny of Perrot’s: If it walks like a Black Muslim, if it talks like a black Muslim, It must be a Nation of Islam Black Muslim in sheep’s clothing. To L.A. Times readers the whole sordid episode reads like one big Obama commercial. Hey pcs! A pc is not Accuracy in Media, but censored is censored.

Norm's Journale. 03/18/2008  Retreat into your racially divided corner, "God Damn America Obama." Let the rest of us run the country.  Monger your hate in the senate. 
Of course we're not flying airlines, Nancy, they're plotting airliner-as-fireball attacks on their cellphones and, yes, landlines!  G'bye Delta Airlines employees.  You were part of that time period when congress tried to defend the airways!
3/16/2008 Hillary is no longer the most pro-abortion candidate ever.  "Barack God Damn America Obama" is the only U.S. senator to vote against "Born Alive" legislation. 
3/13/2008 10:32  See why the real media is so important!  ABC waited til O'Bama practically sewed up the nomination before showing us why he will surely lose to God Bless America John McCain.  Hillary's only hope to win the general is to get down on her knees and sing God Bless America at two events a day from now til november because she is implicated, "It is an honor to be here with God Damn America Barack O'Bama!"
This God Damned Barack Obama has brought the most profane language possible to my car radio news.  Change to be progress must hold onto a core essence of value.   God first, Country second, family(marriage and children), then self, whatever that self may be.  For some, self is your color,  Don't destroy nation and profane the creator's name in the church with wife and children present and then keep going back for political or whatever reason on account of your blackness or any other characteristic you may have and share.  For your color America won't fault you.  For smashing my delusions about a patriotic dem party, from that I won't recover.  God Damn the democratic party!
THURSDAY 3/13/2008 Of course union leadership should try and change their brotherhood's choice rather than represent it.  Union leadership is smarter, after all, they control the pension funds and manage the dues, don't they? see AFL-CIO above  or Mar 12 L.A.Times below.  followup story 3/13 on page A13 appears to be an mediocre AP response to L.A.Times without the motivational info. from L.A.Times excellent story
Gov. Spitzer, how can you fault him.  The whole dem party is about immorality
(Don't gloat repo party you yourself are caught in it as participants, and in pederastic and otherwise peculiar ways). The dem abortion holocaust has one main purpose:  enable the old farts to abuse the girls.  It is the liberality of the libertine liberal.   Conceal the 50% increase in breast cancer that follows abortion.  The likelihood of complication: hide it.  The reduced qualification of the henchpersons performing the abortions: never happened!  The depression and mental illness that ensues: conceal it!  The punishment for transporting a hooker across state lines.  Not for Gov. Spitzer!
3/12/2008:  If McCain is challenged for being born on sovereign U.S. territory though not a state per se, to future Admiral McCain, his father, born on a tour of U.S. Navy duty.   If they can try and  prohibit, so can McCain!  How????
 By his birth Hussein O. is all three of these.   Kenyan citizen!   Luo tribal prince.  Citizen of the nation of Islam.   Hussein O. should renounce all three of these!    Then maybe an informed man will vote for him!  
Since he does not qualify to be president,  Hillary can promise him an ammendment to allow foreign citizens who are tribal princes and member of the worldwide Islamic nation to be president.  Since that would never ever pass,  she could give an ammendment specially allowing Hussein O. to be president in eight years.  That might pass,  especially if Arnold is also specially allowed!
March 12 L.A. Times newspaper article about the dems and the swing vote says the union umbrella AFL-CIO is mortified that it's rank and file membership will strongly consider supporting John McCain because they regard him to be an "ex P.O.W., a war hero, and a campaign finance reformer" by which triune qualification almost any redblooded American would consider him the most popular candidate ever.  What's not to like?
Subheadline: Labor groups worry!   The labor group leadership is worried because the brotherhood of workers they represent is sane about antiterrorism and national defense.  They want to blunt McCain's appeal to working class voters.  This appeal is status and reputation.  Status of John McCain's razor sharp appeal they want to blunt:  War hero! His naval honors include the Silver Star, Bronze Star, Legion of Merit, Purple Heart, and the Distinguished Flying Cross.  Reputation of  McCain's razor sharp appeal they want to blunt:  Political Moderate! 
Regarded as maverick for reaching across the aisle to shake hands with dems to advance vital judgeships, justices and policies, whom President Bush could not otherwise get approved.
Yes, world, if you want to be a razor sharp tool in today's political scene, then be a political moderate.  Well the dems ought to start singing the Carpenters' "Goodbye to Love," because there is not a political moderate in the whole lot of them.  Even if there were, the first one to blink and betray it loses the primary to "move on" and their ilk.  "Goodbye to Love!"  The only way this could get any better would be with popular populist Huckabee(whom you know this author favors) on the ticket with McCain.
Since the union brotherhod feels McCain to be "frank, a good leader, strong on defense and opposed to tax increases,"  you would think their leadership and representatives would package up McCain for the world to approve and elect!  Think Again!   Labor strategist Karen Ackerman plans to spend millions and millions of the union's money sending a million attack McCain flyers, protesting his meetings, visiting 400,000 homes in one day to denounce the man they want, and with a new website!  If there isn't any dues money  left,  look out for a dues increase.
The union man backing McCain in JackintheBox tonight said that the union ledership is mafia in response to the unions contra membership intentions.  I don't blame him for feeling that way!
Wouldn't you know a noble Irish family with a heroic rush to support Mary Queen of Scots by force of arms would wind up with a nominee for president supported by the Reagan democrats against the brass knuckled "mafia" union enforcers wishes.  "We do what we want behind the sheets at secret ballot time, Karen Ackerman." 

Norm's Journale: 
03/11/2008  What happened to Black Muslims?  What happened to Nation of Islam?  Is Farrakhan a Christian now because :  "A guy can say he likes me.  I don't have to reject his support"  The dumbo media says Hussein O. rejected Farrakhan though he did NOT.  Though he was drug kicking and screaming to do so.  What if Hitler likes you?  Do you say, "Oh, I reject his antisemitic statements." (which are in line with Islam, whether Black Muslim, Nation of Islam, Saudi  Madrassan, Shi'ite, Al Qaeda or whatever).  Or do you say Hitler is loathsome, vile and a pox on the world.  Unless, of course, the guy says he likes me.  "He likes me! He likes me! I'm  O.K. with the black muslim: 'He likes me'"   Leadership for a new generation.  Snort the coke if you can't take a joke, and remember that the black muslims like me.  We gon' change this nation...into the Nation of Islam.
  Unfair! Unfair to give a re-vote to just two states after they already got an unfair advantyage at shaping the nation's choice by voting first!!!   All the states should get a binding re-vote, all on the same day!  It is the only fair way.  Dem revote day.   Just dems going to the polls across the U.S.A.  All manner of blood stained abortionists, overage flower children, transexuales, black muslims, brass knuckled union enforcers,  Nambla pederasts, and, guess who?   The whole republican party!  That's who!  If you are repo., get down to the clerk's office and register demo right now!!!  You  are the boss.  Let's elect a favorite son.  How?  Half the dems to Hillary.  Half to Nation of Islam black muslim candidate.  Repo.s vote in mass for  Dick Cheney who can hold the Florida and Michigan delegates like a bunch of superdelegates.  Worst case.  Cheney gets the #2 spot on the demo. ticket.   But, waste no time. Get your Florido and Michigino repo. butts down to the county clerk and re-register now!!  Your state lets you vote twice so re -register NOW!!!  You Indies get down there and register demo and vote CHENEY!, or Hillary!  Avoid the temptation to collect big cash from Saudi agents if you are mail-in voting for Nation of Islam candidate Hussein O., it's a crime!
You are not being disloyal to your repo party or independent principles.  You are just taking advantage of a voting opportunity not otherwise afforded.  You can change your affiliation right back the day after you decide the fate of our fair nation!  It is somehow akin to changing banks often in a hyperinflationary economy.
03/03/2008 The natural candidate was stabbed by the brute secular repo neocon media establishment.  The next best thing to a Christian candidate:  straight talk gentle and across the aisle.  No hard lines and a non idealogue.  Safe from secular attack and o.k. for Christians too who are freshly alienated from neocon and neocon media.  My show of choice in the car: Radio America.  My flip thru the satellite channels: 1 Both CNN 2 Both MSNBC 3 Fox news with a veery discriminating eye, ready to flip back to real media. 4 plus, new catholic news network EBTN or something.
03/02/2008 10:15pm:  A quick look around the internette and I find Obama mixed up w/ a bunch of new sleazamoleans:
Rashidi the PLO agent,  Ayers's wife Bernadette Dohrn, Auchi the Saddam Hussein man, and, last, but not least, Sinclair, the sexual tryster and crack cocaine sharer.  Does it ever end?  No, no, no: if the superdelegates let this happen Robert Kennedy Junior is going to have to write Profiles in Cowardice.   It even happens that Co campaign manager Jesse Jackson, Jr. compared O.J. Simpson's alleged murder with the Obama campaign's attack on Hillary.
And this is just today's perfunctory up periscope.
03/02/2008 12:45 am:  NAFTA As I understand it, niether Mexico nor Canada uses slave labor to compete with us as is the case with Red China, muslim nations, Burma, Sudan, etcetera.  Where is the dem party and their can didates on these weightier issues.  What have they got against the Great White North as it is called?   Wherein do they find fault with Mexican imports?  Love thy neighbor!
Hillary and Obama are squarely to blame for stripping us bare of our telecom antiterror defenses.  They  opened up terror commmunication channels.  Will they help us pay for flack jackets, armored cars bullet proof glass and iodine caps for radiation sickness?  Hand it out at campaign rallies?  Hussein is the muslim God of peace.  He accepted Ali's Ali: the muslim God of war, they idolize these Gods sword thrust gracefully.  I don't want Hussein O. choosing that for me. We saw one Hussein executed.  Now we vote for one as president? Hillary proves she is a woman that just can't keep hger guard up.  We want our guard up!  Where are you, John McCain?  Maybe Huckabee is speaking out for telecom antiterror.
02/27/2008 late:  Your darn tootin' Hillary's upset about always being asked first.  It always goes something like this!   "I sincerely declare my position to be the one that gives me the best chance of winning which is, of course:  what she said!  But I would like to say just this one thing,  If I misstep by being creative, or by differing far from Queen Hillary, then I will have to answer to the many agents of the Saudi Royals who by the hundreds of thousands are clicking theirs and Osama's money into my online donation centers in  small increments.  That is why I must thank L. Farakhan for saying I am a good guy.  My financial base allows me no other course.  Moe, Larry, Cheese!  Not only am I Raila Odinga's stooge per President Mwai Kibaki back in 07, I'm stooge of Lewis Farakhan by common assent and as my nose was rubbed in it by Queen Hillary 2/26/08.  I'm the two stooges! Nyuh Nyuh Nyuh!
2/27/2008  Today's date in the third millenium contains two perfect cubes that of two and three which themselves happen to be the number of our month and millenium, Julian calendar, after the Deity, deus, Lord, our Lord Jesus Christ, the focal point of history, the conservation of the Bible Doctrine pertaining to whom is the essence of true conservatism.  What is known, believed of Him is the Doctrine of Christ.  Chief of which is His essential creativity.  click on God's Creativity above for further details and a rudimentary study of Christ in his divine essence.
Read Exodus 21 and 22 to see how our laws are derived from this God of Abraham, Isaac and Paul the apostle.  Even though elite conservatism and progressive liberalism have left their roots, we still thankfully abide in divinely established order in society, small thanks to conservatism or liberalism.  Our environmental absolute liability, for instance, falls in Exodus' digging of the hole.  The  Lord's dictates for military service also far more progressive than ours:  Age twenty and above or don't apply!   Our liberals might well accomplish more if they work within the Biblical core of our societal foundations rather than way out there on the the fringe of socialism, in Hillary's case, and envirodeification, even, in Obama's case, African tribal and Islamic precepts.

Is Obama Christian? (link to Obamanation video)

Norm's Journale 
2/25/08    Obama's website just visited-zilch about abortion (reproductive choice, he would say.)  What are the chances a repo. debater will not have to address a dem firebrand issue like the war in Iraq.  The debate moderators are simply panderers to the dems and dem attack dogs against the repo.s without a single care obout the issues or accountability .
For instance,  repo.s need to be asked:  if you are so anti murder why hasn't more been done, what are the options and which do you favor and why????
Why aren't the demo.s asked:  You want to codify Roe V. Wade,  these are the salient parts of that bill do you favor them all,  which ones, and how strongly,  comment on Red Chinese forced abortions, comment on the overwhelming preponderance of girls murdered over boys murdered, can there not be equal opportunity i.e. foerced abortions of enough boys to catch up with murdered girls, or, even, the unthinkable limitation on choice to a limit on murder of girls until the boys murdered catches up to boys murdered, a sort of dem version of child advocacy. Should the dem candidate call on God to open torments of the underworld and let the abortees into heaven to assuage the dem consciences.  Should the repo.s do the same to assuage their consciences for doing nothing.  Should the candidates at least be asked if they are even aware how many woirldwide abortion/murders have occurred from roe v.wade til the present.  Nothing from the pander press.  The phony media is just as silent in commentary, save Laura Ingram on occasion and Michael Savage when the spirit takes him. G. Gordon of course.
Even though I favor Hillary over Obama, this is from her site,  Obama is to yellow to include abortion on his site: " When it comes to each woman's ability to make the most personal of life decisions, Hillary has stood firm as an advocate for a woman's right to choose. She has expanded access to family planning services, including for low-income women. She spoke out forcefully against the Supreme Court's April 2007 decision that -- "  Hillary is still the clear choice over Obama,  Better the Devil You Know than the Devil you don't know hiding behind the yellow mask.   What will Obama's change be? If the Changeling fails to mention an important issue it must fall under his pervasive change theme.  Maybe he will superfund abortion.  Maybe he will perform some himself.  We are waiting to find out, Barak?   Remember kids, You'll only end up hating the child you may be creating, won't it be better to wait then to hate and murder.
2/24/08       Ralph Nader enters the race touting his website with all the issues the 2 parties avoid.  Funny, Nader leaves out abortion, criminal justice and immigration to name a few.  Asks for plenty of money though.  Most interesting, Nader said Obama has become mum about Obama's own pre presidential candidacy pro palestinian stance.  Oh, that's the Change!  We get to bed down w/ PLO and Hamas!!  
 Ralph touts his continuing loyalty to these demented murderous genocidal Palestinos.  Compare these continuing change clarifying Obamshells exploding right and left with conviviality with a lovely engaging influence business specialist.  On that subject, has the Saudi cash disbursements for Obama  stopped flowing in to (it is wrong to say pimp out) Oprah Winfrey the Lesbian movie born phenom.  The Color Purple was  the movie, perhaps Madea would label Obama the color yellow, for his fear to keep debating Hillary.  Once she is leading, he'll change his tune.
2/21/2008   A conviviality with a female lobbyist!  Is this the best Erkle, Hillary and the left can scrape up on McCain??  Oh, by the way,  It's on!
Obama's campaign to elect his cousin Raile Odinga, a Luo prince in cahoots with alqaeda in Kenya, resulted in a bloodbath of peaceloving Kikuyu Christian martyrs burned to death in their churches, this while "Ron Brown's body lies a mouldering in the grave."  Will no one call out this cocaine skeleton looking Steve Erkle-look-and-act-like former(?) muslim who attends a church that walks and talks like black muslims do. We'll have a word about Hillary after we address the NYTimes upstart (half)Black Muslim Kenyan coastal separatist!
2/20/2008  Obama sweeps again.  Tailor made electoral process for him, slew of OPEC petrodollars chasing small two state and one state race days.  Hillary either can't research or she is blackmailed, either way, she won't fight. Obama has the Cocaine addicted  past, the ties to churchburners in Kenya, a muslim background and name, A history of muslim campaign contributions, yet Hillary is mum.  Obama must have a lot on her, why else is she standing aside?  or perhaps the Clintons will emerge from this rich, or both. 
2/13/08 Recent repo/conservative commentary said Huckabee is not conservative, he is an evangelical meaning Christian.  Funny thing these twofaced pundits did not say that about Mormon Mitt,  not a conservative, a Mormon.  My you don't even here about Obama, not an American, but a Kenyan Luo prince.  It is antiChrist year in American politics, all we needed was a viable Christian candidate to discover the right is worse than the left against Christians.  Maybe we can work out a trade.  Queers and babykillers to the repo.s and Christians to the dems.   Come on!  Play us or trade us! 
2/12/2008  "Change is not progress unless the core remains unchanged.
If an oak grows into a great oak tree, that is progress.  If an oak becomes a birch, that is mere change." from memory...C.S. Lewis, The Business of Heaven, meditation for Febr. 13.   Hillary!  wake up!  Mere change  It's for you.  read it loud the whole day's meditation with all the Obombast you can muster!  This Jingo Christian needs you now!  Off your beautiful feminine Derrierre and on your flatly planted feet and start the fray like the real queen you are, as the one who had a hurricane in her, your  hurricane will sink these moorish interlopers amidships.  In the whirlwind we'll know:  You are the one!  To bad for the babies that will be murdered!  There is little enough prayer for them.  Their own prayers ascending from Roiling Boiling Burning Hell do bring us this Obama, born of both:  Islamic oil billions; and, rampaging Luo Chistianimus in service to their Islamic slavemasters.
02/11/2008 00:10 a.m.   Change is only progress if it improves on the core.  We  wouldn't want to change our country from law abiding to butchering each other after elections.  Even if Mrs. Lovett might like that.  Core principles prorities 1,2,3 and 4:  1.God 2.Country 3.family 4.self.  Change is progress when it promotes these core principles.  Change can heighten our understanding i.e. our national interest was protecting the Christians in Iraq,  Now that we've presided over their extermination,  let's get the hell out before God's hammer  of discipline falls upon the bloodguilty heat sink.
02/06/2008 10:49 p.m.  Mercedes Benz Holocausting Germany back in the holocaust business again through Mercede(Daimler) Benz.  Romney's Chrysler/AMC/Jeep now a holocauster.  Chinese House church pastor Ghang Fao imprisoned in re-education camp in Beijing where he is put to forced labor in the Jeep factory where he endured torture including electric shock.  Yes Jeep! and Jeep is both Mercedes Benz and Germany at the time.  Germany and the new Holocaust!  Mercedes Benz the Holocaust leader.  God forbid Mercedes should pay ordinary Chinese cooley wages.   Nope nope nope,  that is machs nix!
too many pfennigs for these cheeeeap holocaust masters of the cheap reich!  It has to be the concentration camp with the electric torture.  Ride around in  your bloooody Mercedez, Jeeps and Chrysler products.  I can't handle the divine judgement ensue in on my life from it.  I'll stick with Ford and G.M.(really like the Onstar).
Just saw TBN's new Journey through history show.  Hipster host bragging on his pimped jeep.  Jeep?  Must have missed this  months Voice of the Martyrs newsletter.  Not pc at all (Politically Christian)
That reminds:  Hillary, you need the churches!  The hurricane Queen used them.  They are waiting to hear from you,  all of them you can reach peruasively, motivationally and with power of truth and evidence, websites and copies of documents and indictments, and an open Bible in hand, by phone and by conference to pastors and congregations many of which are multimedia now. Show them why you must win!
Norm's Journale 
2/4/08 11:36  Business swift lately,  had to get to journal.   no time to put up more Huck signs. 
Conservatism defined:  God first, U.S.A. second, Family next, self last.  
Consider neocon(Not Even Occasionally Conservative = neocon)  parody.  Libcon really.  Strange new conservatism with  God excluded: 
Hurryup Jimbo,  about neocon Rush Limbaugh throwing our nation to Kenyan "Jimbo" (Hurryup's swahili codename for bringing Kenyan Scimitar to U.S.A.) forces because of his irrational Hillary hatred;
Lor Anger Am, she chastises Huck for not washing the #1 mudslinger MUDD Romney when what was sent around came around:
Mudd Romney, sling all the Mudd lies and distortion at true conservative Huck,  then claim a vote for Huck wastes the votebang (Only the superrich old rich thik like this) to be had voting for neocon/ libcon, and newly that, Mudd.
Curly Moe Larry Obama;   Raila Odinga's Luo "Stooge," per Kenyan President Mwai Kibuki regarding Curly's strident support for Raila Odinga, Luo Prince Obama's(Curly, to Mwai) cousin.  The luo's (Prince Obama's subjects, fellow tribesmen) are at this writing killing every Kikuyu tribe Christian they can get their hands on.  Watch for Curly to chant Swahili "Jimbo Jimbo!" at rallies, a Swahili term to show how much Obama is allowed to get away with by the biased media, as Bill Clinton claimed and was put down for;
Bill Of Right Silly,  Traditionalism without God his angle on Neocon above.  Opposes Secularists which by definition he is, so that a vote, He says for Huck ios a vote for a belief system while a vote for secular McCain or Mormon Bishop Mudd Romney isn't!                  
2/2/2008 11:12:  Just back from watching Rambo.  $10.00 to get in.  Had to see it.  Heard none other than Rush mention the Karen in review of the movie.  Idea.  Not letters of Marque as in Franco English conflicts.  Rather a specific immunity from prosecution for engaging in privateer war against agents of Corpus Christocide worldwide.  Perhaps they would register first.  Then,  go wage Holy Hell on these demonic nations murdering and brutalizing their Christian populations.  Finance could be speculative.  The fighters could make deals for taxes or land or national resources et cet. flowing to the privateer soldiers of fortune after the war is won and the Christians are in power.
To do absolutely nothing is like saying it was good to do nothing about Hitler's holocaust,  or the Bush Iraqi Christian holocaust.  Privateer for profit to avert holocaust war.  The nation is not involved.  Just allowing  private citizens to engage in rescue operations:  GNP Up!  Taxes up!  Unemployment down!  International relations improving!  The world is less inhospitable to the ones God is preserving it for.
Mitt Romney says don't throw away your vote for Huck!  Norm says don't ever throw away a true interest vote.  Search your heart.  Why are we Christians in bed with these jingo, mammon bowing, conservatives in the first place?  We are supposed to be helping widows and orphans;   opening up our substance to those Christians who lack all basic nescessities like these Christians:  Burmese Karen; and the Chinese; and Indian; African muslim governed or fighting for power;  and Asian muslim governed or muslims fighting for power: Christians under persecution.
David the King had standing mercenary armies.  What is Jesus if not David's greater son.  It's past!  It's future!  It needs to be now!!!
We need a Department of Corpus Christocide to ferret out who is destroying Christians,  issue the license and immunity to whoever will register to help them, including the permission to form investment financial partnerships to staff and  arm these Holy mercenary hordes. 
Back to Romney,  another mormon might be O.K. some time when there is no crisis as in the annihilation of the Christian Church worldwide!  The devil answers the worldwide web with the worldwide genocide!  Then he sends Mormon Mr. millions of megabucks to holler about his money success at mammon bowing plus a supposed newfound spiritual consciousness that extends as far as anti-abortion and anti-gay.  He tells us we waste our vote by not voting a mammonbowing conservative in direct opposition to God's will.  Whether it be the mammon bow-edness of conservatism today(neoconservatism really), or whether it is the partiallity towards his wealth he expects us to show;  Both are abomination to God.  True Godly conservatism is this!  God first!  Country second!  Family third!  The rest of the conservative principles follow.
It is interesting to wonder where the nation of  Israel weighs in on all the Christian persecution today.  Is the fait accompli Iraqi under U.S. occupation Christian holocaust a concern to them?  How about the Karen in Myanmar being butchered?  The Kikuyu by Obama's Luo's teamed up with Moslems?  Has the Jewish satates motto changed from "never again" to "Ever all over again" as long as they are God's other people, not the Jews.
Is it possible that Obama promised Raila Odinga that his Luo-Muslim confederacy could murder the Christian Kikuyu and steal their rift valley with impunity?  Impunity because Barak would be president by the time the rest of Kenya could mobilize to retalliate?
As to the Palestinians supposed claims against the Jews.  Let Israel just respond that Palestine has the moral low ground, "Go cleanse your own eye regarding your Christians before you say moral squat to us!"
What's more what can we expect you to do to Christians, Christian converts, women et cetera in the territories we cede to you?  Will this be another Bush holocaust?

1/29/2008  1:30pm on:  What is a conservative, by Henry Gibson.
My earliest memory of conservative teaching was by coach  John Callard at Rancho Alamitos High School in Garden Grove, California  I think it was him.  Whoever it was said,  Put God first!  Then your country!  Then your family!   Money and fiscal feces:  not even on the list!  Conservatives, can you remember what it was all about before neoconservatism took over as conservatism??  You must put things in some sort of order, and, conservatism used to have the answer.  The answer was in the order.  Application of the order of priorities put life in balance.  Blessings flowed from God to the country into the families.  Blessings were shared with: the church who shared with other churches and missionaries; with our country which also aided other countries; and, in our own family and other(Charity) familes.
Conservatism's new order (It is so shallow.   It doesn't even know it has an order, a prioritization of it's message.):
#1.  Country:  defined as national security,  further defined as keeping the muslims in transjordania from killing each other at too high a rate of speed while giving them carte blanche to kill all the Christians.   A domino effect of this is a worldwide out break of Corpus Christocide.  This is the new conservative kind and gentle.
#2.   Finance and economics, such as tax cuts and freedom from regulation
#3.   No Christianity If there is another principle, it is "Keep your God and your religion out of this picture,we don't want restraint from God.  You  may be accepted after identifying your religion only if it is a fringe group or cult, such as Mormon, Muslim, Buddhist, et cet., et al.  This developed in conservatism just as it did in liberalism, making Christians deaf and dumb, no voice at all.  With regard to politicking: it was codified into law.  Pastor's deprived of speech appear brain dead or spastic.
1/29/2008 11:30-1:30pm If I foment a muslamo-yergemintanda against the Christians  (and all the other tribes for that matter) in Kenya, by merging my Luo tribesmen with the rest of Kenyas muslims:  Arab; alqaeda; and others:  promising the Muslims Shariah law and Burkhas.  Then they go off on a genocidal killing spree when they lose the election.  If I do that, then I am prince Barack Hussein Obama, cousin of Luo King Raile, yes  I am Obama, friend of Oprah, daughter of the Color Purple.   But wait murder maiming and mayhem is not all the muslims customarily do to subjugate black Africans.  They also enslave them.  If my name is B.H. Obama, Jr. I have even caused black people to be slaves within the past year.
Why do we allow a religion to operate within our national bordeers that practises and promotes slavery anywhere.  Let's ban this criminal enterprise now.  Let's tell barak to get back to Kenya and fix this problem now.
That Barak can do so much Muslim power brokering in Kenya so fast indicates he is a Sunni Muslim plenipotentiary.  That would explain the quick infilling of his campaign coffers by random internet donation.  Is it shaping up to be a Manchurian candidate vs. a muslim plenipotentiary in shallow cover?

1/28/08    Ted Kennedy says Barak will keep us in line with our better angels.  What in these crazed dem pol minds is happenning?  Are their demons having debates all the time?   Which of Barak's demon's will win?
Will it be the demons who attached themselves to him for better for worse forever when he wrapped his fingers about his nostrils and pinched the nose shut around a straw, and proceeded to aim the straw protruding from his pinched about it nostril toward a line of comet cleanser.  Would that it were comet for our nation's sake.   No, it was cocaine. Yes! Yes, he sucked that cocaine right up his nostril and with it his freedom from craving cocaine, forever.  Deep within his sinus cavity the cocaine spread, through the sinuses, into blood vessels that go right to the brain.  Along with the cocaine went the angels Ted Kennedy speaks of.   They may be "Better" as demons go, but they are still fallen angels.
Are these the "Better angels" Teddy's Barak has to help us commune with?  I suppose you have to have the angels to know.  By the horde they, the demons, gain entrance as they please, for the mind gate is left open while the Cocaine penetrates the gray matter, neurons and neurotransmitters bringing about an explosion of dopamine joy like no other.  Men who had failed in this way used to be denied security clearances.  For they could be cheaply induced to sell out their country, bought out with cocaine!   We can hear them speaking constantly to the cocaine stupified Obama.   "You will be President, Not of your native Luo tribe of Kenya of which you are a royal prince.  No not even president of Indonesia where you registered at public school as a muslim so denying the Lord Jesus who bought you with his own blood on the cross,  at which point a horde of muslim defender of the faith demons leapt into your body and mind!   No! no, not so low an aspiration.  A nation once used mightily of God, the U.S. of A !  As soon as it was prophesied of him the aborted legions of hell shouted Hurray!  Vengeance is ours!  The scimitar shall visit America on that Day!  Into Obama went that day kosmokrator demons in charge of ruling the earth by it's regions!   America, the day of fulfillment draws near!    
Perhaps the "better angels" Ted says Obama wants for us are the ones from His Christening when he got his Christian  name , except that he got a muslim name instead, at his muslamification, and got a muslim guardian demon as well.   What a Muslim name he got!  Barak, the Sheikh that paid Balaam to curse Israel in God's name as Joshua fought for the new nation's life.  That means Barak is the quintessential antisemitic name.  The name that by intrigue denies the Jews their land promised to Abraham, Isaac an Jacob, their promised land flowing with milk and honey!   Into Obama sailed all the antisemitic demons from Hitler to Yassar Arafat.  Are these the "better angels" Teddy Kennedy wants us to receive from Barak Obama.  Hussein, the name of the peaceful muslim who was murdered by prince Ali the warlike muslim,  Are we to go down in smoke with this Hussein Obama who was filled with surrender demons at his muslamification? 
Now in June Obama used Kosmokrator, African tribal and muslim demons at the same time when he called on demons to help him support Raile Odinga against the now fairly elected president of Kenya, yes, Barak Obama supports his fellow Luo prince and cousin, the same Raile Odinga who unleashed his scimitar wielding, church burning, now infamous as Sweeney Todd, Luo tribesmen.  Prince Obama cannot distance himself far enough.  I wanted a black president, but not alqaeda of the Luo scimitars.   Besides, the new president of Kenya called Obama this:  Raile Odinga's stooge!  He called him stooge back in June, while Obama was brokering the deal that made the Luo's into jihadi's.  Click on Obama below to understand what it means and a foretelling of our own potential future.
1/27/08  a date with three perfect cubes in it.  Kind of like the perfect storm of attacks on America taking place this date:
Storm Force 10 Obama: click below on Obama to see how he has already sold out his other native land wherein he holds both citizenship and Royal status! Result: the scimitar(not machete'-wrong part of world and wrong religion) of the domonic muslims he fronts for is already mutilating the Christian population.  If we let him get to the general election his next muslaoscimitaric  chuchburner war will be here in America, his second nation of citizenship.
Storm Force 3 McCain: Mr. Bridge from Repo. to dem and back again.  Main accomplishment:  Making it impossible to try and execute AlQaeda operatives for war crimes.  Co-operated with North Viet Namese.  Could be a plus, having given  in once under torture: a hardened resolve develops.  There is also that nagging spector of loyalty? and/or brainwashing.  But what of giving Geneva convention privileges to the only people on Earth guaranteed not to reciprocate, and even guaranteed to follow Allah into the most demonic abuse of captives, not even a national entity, unqualified to join the convention. 
1/27/2008  Storm Force 5 Mormon Bishop Mitt Romney:  Normally mormonism would not scream out at you.  This election is different.  Now, from all quarters Christianity is misunderstood and derided and the Christian candidate as marginalized as John Ashcroft was.  Having a Heavenly Father and a citizenship in heaven was regarded as disloyal with respect to John Ashcroft.  That's funny, Obama's kenyan royal sheikdom is not disloyal. The worst and the Main problem with Mitt is not even endemic to Mitt.  It's basically that the really great Christian candidate can be marginalized and derided because he is a Christian pastor attach to this fact is we all say A-O.K. to be Mormon yet not so for the Christian.  Look who we've got, a Christian candidate like no other, yet due to his Christianity not acceptable.  Not inherent in Mitt but tightly attached to him now is the aceeptanece of any religion not Christian.  That is the heart of his Storm force 5 rating.  Endemic tio Mitt is atnding aside whikle Huck is set aside for Christianity right after George H.W. Bush helps him plead for candidacy rights as a mormon.    Now we examine.  Who runs his businesses?  Who are his advisors?  Our cabinet and judges will be mormons.
Just how is it that being a successful robberbaron, a successful Intenationalist Billionaire, makes you the president we want.  Does Mormonism make your fleecing of the little lambs a better deal for them somehow?  What did you repossess today?   Who is newly on the street  with a cart today?  Pray tell? Pray to Jesus who says you shall not worship mammon.  We don't want another mammonbower president.  Come on, this'll be two billionaires descended from great wealth in a row.  Christians stop at the Bible, Mitt adds the book of Mammon and the book of mammon, too.  Now I know Romney's megabucks don't compare with that poured into Islamic Luo Prince Sheikh Barak's coffers in return for loosing the scimitar on the unsuspecting Christian kikuyus of his Kenyan Fatherland.  Still I resent the rich because James commanded it.  "Are the rich not thise who drag you before the judges and magistrates to persecute you because you are Christians."  Mitt uses his moneylove as the reason we should vote for him.  Christians are commanded to be obsessed with other things,  I don't think that is true of mormons.  Doesn't appear that way by Mitt.  1/27/08 later in the evening... 9:pm  Since when are Christians unacceptable as conservatives.  Conservatism: It used to stand for orthodox genteel Christian precepts for society.  Integrity.......Faithfulness.....Lawabiding.....courtesy and civility.....Churchattendance.......Charity.......thrift and frugality......Leadership born of military training.....patriotism and respect for the nation and its armed services


1/27/08 even later:  Hey wait a minute, i mean:  Hey pcs! Wait a minute!  A cube has six sides doesn't it?  Good! Because there is a Force 1 storm brewing:
Storm Force 1  Hillary Rodham Clinton:  Dear Heavenly Father in Jesus Holy name, let HRC be the democratic party nominee(click the Obama button above for why I pray).  :
The promise from the Clinton past  (Yes Mitt, your past is a promise about your future, sorry) :
1    Money from China to finance the campaign to get the most worshipped power!  Desperate to compete with Obama's  campaign lucre (paid him for the unleashing of the Kenyan scimitars), she may have to accept cash from Russians too.
2    Deaths under strange circumstances at cabinet and the White House Staff(like Foster and Ron Brown) maybe even a castration (like Wayne DuMond after he alledgedly raped then Gov. Bill Clinton's cousin) or two.
3    Some cur from a fogotten hell (Like Yassar Arafat given the PLO by Bill Clinton) elevated to power on the world scene.
4    She's never lost her fascination with Marxism, and will have to be humiliated  with strong court and constitutional rebuffs before she shows her genius governing within the system we are in and intend to stay in.  Let those night of the living dead specters (of Marx and Engels, Trotsky and Lenin, et cet, et. al.)  continue to haunt the red chinese countryside where they belong.
Cash from foreign sources in our electoral process: 
1  Goodbye national sovereignty
2   Diminished impact for Americans participating financially in electoral process
3  National Security secrets were compromised in the last Red Chinese electoral funding scandal 
4   Derilect old Majyars Push our public opinion into false unproven theories as proven facts.
Hey pcs! Political Christians! SuperGladiators! We need a pc, party of Christ  “There is no cause more important than affirming the transcendent right to life of all human beings, the right without which no other rights have any meaning”  Abortion and the Conscience of the Nation, President Ronald Reagan, 1984   goodnorman@live.com