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04/21/2008 Leaving the subject of attack only Christians like Huckabee because he's not secular conservative like Hannity.  Don't even bring up Obama's cocaine when he derides you for a shot of whisky.  Maybe she deep down believes he is no worse than her.  Maybe she hides something.  Her dad a secret Muslim?  Her secret penpal, the unibomber?  The bombing out of Serbia's infrastructure, her idea, not Bill's.  Even if there is a deep dark secret, say Vince Foster coverup or Ron Brown involvement, even if, then get it vetted if theyve got it.  Doesn't she read polls about how many of us would vote for a past cocaine user for a now president.  Apparently not.  Where does this vetted word come from?  Very Extremely Terrible and Tawdry? 
I said leaving because of the Red Chaicoms trying to suppress the Chairman music on the Torch parade route.  Oh. they uncovered the lyrics:  "Chairman Mao makes Hubert Humphrey look like Arnold Schwartzennegger.  Rounded face from sucking prednisone.  Enormous rounded ass to match his big round head!  Mao zay doong your people fear you, so they all pretend to love  and respect you, Mao zay  Doongg, your cowardly troops come out to, protest the protests, at the order of the henchmen, you left behind.  3,000 goons, to protect the torch, in India's capital,  What happened to the people, in their democratic republic,  Sorry Mao and your children, you look  a bloody mess, when you going to come around, to your senses. Let your Sino people think!"
04/17/2008 No one, no, not even a surrogate, threw back an accusation, or, even, a tit for tat, not even a how can the cocaine besmirched call me a hard drinker: in reference to Obama's past cocaine admissions on account of the muds slung at Hillary in the 4/14 journal entry.  Perhaps the whole demo party is so enmired in cocaine  use that it is not an aspersion to them.  That is zero in comparison to the failure to launch an attack on Obama based on his supportive statement  in favor of weather underground bomber Ayers.  Whoever is coaching Hillary is no match for Hannity whose coachinf of Fred Thompson whose answer to a debate question attacked Huckabee and kniocked him out of the running.  How can Obama say don't fault my comrade for something what happened forty years ago when the suspected still-a-terrorist Ayers stated on none other than 9/11/2001 that he felt he didn't bomb enough.  "I don't regret setting bombs. I feel we didn't do enough," Ayers told the New York Times in an interview released on Sept. 11, 2001 If Hillary can't even know this about a political enemy #1,  How can she know  about the enemies of our country she wants to defend as CINC. 
4/14/08      The 3 minute news on my lunch commute quoth Obama castigating Hillary for a campaign event in a Pennsylvania bar.  Is this hypocrisy or what. The Pot calling the kettle black.  The Cokecaine cooking pot no less.  He had to lay down his magic shield carefully crafted by Sr. party sorcerrors Howard Dean(dean of Hogwartz), Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, and the rest, then he had to take off his coat of many colors to reveal his hypocritical shortcomings, then he had to unhinge his breastplate hiding his utter lack of judgement, this freed him up to hurl forth a damnable lie.

Oh the calumny about the supposed non muslim deriding The First Lady for… oh the horror of it… drinking. Much more calumny for the supposed Christian to make up such an obvious lie. As he lies of her that she did “throw down a shot and a beer.” Mr. “God Damn America Obama,” you are going to have to fire your misogynistic alehouse crony who writes your speeches. Even Janet Reno drinks white wine or an interesting mixed drink. Your spies were sleeping on the job, and, no one caught it. What evident on the face of it baldface lie will you be impeached for? Who’s your V.P. gonna be again? Teddy? It’s obvious you can be “set up,” fool. Not even Ruth Bader Ginsberg throws down a shot and chases it with a beer. All the lawyers in the land now know you to be the stupidest ass among them. Half my family were lawyers and UCLA and Suthwestern Law alumni. They are howling laughter and derision on you from heaven. As alum of Western States Un. Law, I can only disdain lawyers castigating lawyers about visiting a bar, especially what same lawyer calls separation of church and state his “Civic Religion.” I hope Obama never represents me if I need a settlement begged for. Will they go to the mosque to talk it over. Hypocrisy aimed at old soul granma’s you hope don’t know better. Ask Tyler Perry. Yellow men that lie lose their own granmas vote. Ooops you already lost yours. She was hit by a modern proverbial bus!

And who do you calumnize? Ms. Pure as the driven snow. Only Sir Lancelot could sully her. Alas, he is a myth! If your lie were accepted amongst your followers, surely some are dumb enough, then what harm to her? She becomes more human than she really is. Less a Joan of arc, less Elizabeth I, less Virgin Queen, less noble First Lady, First in our hearts, yet not first in War, first in ignoble surrender. Retreating a bit more carefully than Obama.

She is more like us more approachable more electable. For we too have tipped a glass. But O ba ma ba ba wolf in sheep’s clothing, there are things we have not done for we have judgement. It is spelled j.u.d.g.e.m.e.n.t. for you who have none, who pour out white powder on the counter and suck it into your nostril profaning the straw Oh How the pot calls the kettle black, even in a lie. Or should I say How the Cokecaine crackpot calls the kettle black, or yellow in Obama’s case. Up the straw goes the good judgement powder into the sinus to where it travels by osmosis straight into the brain which responds with the dopamine bliss that tempts every past user beyond natural means to resist. Oh how shall you resist? What spiritual resources shall you call upon oh oh oh Obama. Let’s try a spiritual refrain: Pastor Wrongs answer to our baseball Hymn; try singing “God Damn America” won‘t you? Opened up a can of worms in a flashback nightmare by impulsivity have we Senator not O’Bama, the Irish ha disowned ye fer blasphemen ther pub. W/ a lie about a lady! Firs Lady to boot.

4/13/08      Obama is better underestood by Mrs. Predident Clinton than by our elder statesman war hero and Sr. Senator from Arizona.  Not that deep understanding of a stooge is a qualifier for the president's job.  Don't forget what launched this fair first lady into the political fray:  Methodist social action gospel and an involved pastor.  Christian religious faith is not a response to suffering but a means to endure it and so we do become more involved, cling if you will, during difficult times.  As Hillary said more eloquent than I could and with less vitriole, "The people of faith I know don't 'cling' to religion because they're bitter. People embrace faith, not because they are materially poor, but, because they are spiritually rich," she said.  Here here!  And she has almost pronounced a hard to explain converse, Faith may be developed in part by the limitation of material pursuits and priorities, and this is not a negative, even though to Obama it makes you "Folks!" Yes listen to him bandy "Folks," about.  Folks is his term for the unspellable bourgeois.  Just as the word itself is unspellable, so also Christian faith is incomprehenible to the uninitiated, the depths of Christian doctrine nebulous and arcane to the novice.
Perhaps if Obama had two hours of Christian doctrine a day for two years, instead of the same regimen of Q'uranic indoctrination, perhaps then he would not make the same gaffes.  More importantly he might be pro Christian instead of rabidly anti!  Is McCain considering Huckabee for V.P.?  The main point here is that, whether bourgouisie or infidel, his mind is probably befuddled about which, kinsman Raile Odinga's E.German educated Marxist bourgouisie, or whether Indonesia's muslim school indoctrination doctrine of infidel, whichever way you slice it the Christians who don't submit are "Folks" to be destroyed when nations are fool enough to put "God damn America Obama's" in power.  In Power he is.  So, the crucible of destruction prepared for Christians in America(Folks) is fired and white hot.  Some is our own doing.We let a rich enemy steer our sites to a less powerful one allowing richest enemy largesse steer our war and now our election. 
Folks vs. us.   Obama is head and shoulders above the disdained "Folks."
The burghers are bourgouisie, the Christians, infidels, the growing church in China, counterrevolutionary!  The least materialistic people ever are branded materialistic by a marxism devoid of spiritual understanding.  This the devil can use.  Whether "God damn America Obama" knows it or not the savager of history has him  in his clutches and wants to swing him like a scythe against God's Christian people in America.  Look what Obama wrought in Kenya!  I don't want to be burned in my church!
4/12/2008  If you took super c financial advice and spent your IRA's and such, don't forget to pay the ten per cent. penalty and report it as regular income(if a premature distribution). 
Just discovered they now call a centurion a captain over 80.   The very name implies a hundred.  Go figure.  The first European reported to be saved was such.  I like to think he was the same man who had Jesus heal his beloved servant from afar.  The love that makes a miltary hero seek out a healer for his slave!  That's the love that makes God look beyond his chosen people and region and include the heathen (such as us?) in his family.  (Love, if it is the greatest, then no surprise it has an effect on God)  It was prophesied, perhaps only prophesied on account of our spiritual father, this goi, the Centurian of the Italian band!  The force that hemmed in Antiochua Epiphanes.  The ones who withstood the onslaught of African Greeks on war elephants that would make Leonides the Spartan cower in fear.  I think this may be the same centurian who told Paul, the natural born Roman citizen, that he bought his own citizenship with a great sum of money.  Yes, it may be the same man bound to Paul and other prisoners on the trip to Rome.   Yes, indeed it could be the same centurian who said of Joshua the annointed son of Joseph, Truly this was the Son of God!  A man who said such after crucifying our Lord, would he not be likely above all Romans to give alms to the poor Jews (None were poorer than our sweet smelling Lord on His way to the cross), to build a synagogue, to devote himself to prayer.  There is a novel, epic and sacred, in all this for one to write, one who has learning and the inspiration of the Spirit:  Cornelius the Champion, the Centurian of the Italian band! or something like that.  The long passage of time between these events calls to my attention that a Centurian never retired, but died in service!  Like McCain that way, I suppose.  The moon these last two nights has the most various differing night to night association of travelling stars about it.  The moon is a damsel.  This can only bode well for Hillary in her quest to be the democratic nominee whom McCain will vanquish courtesy of us.
4/11/08   If Hillary allows BGDAO to get the nomination it is proof she cannot lead this country.  Leadership is loving stewardship and giving the country into the hands of "Barack God Damn America Obama" to preserve party unity or BGDAO's future or his chance if elected is as stupid as it gets.  Take off the kid gloves Hillary and go to work on him.  Your ratings will not go down for doing the right thing.  Take it from Dilbert's boss.  He is what he is.  He ain't going to change.  You get lumped in  with him for failing to end him.  You are what you are.  Listen to your hubby, this Arab money spending Black Muslim will lose no matter how much Filthy oil lucre the Sheikhs pour into his camel saddle bags.
4/10/08  Red Chi Coms parading their shame murder more than any regime ever.  Gold medalist indeed!  Murder...totalitarian thought and mind control.
No parade for you Mr. Chi Com except the slow parade to the abyss on your last day.  You will have a flame all right but no olympic torch for you any more than you got to parade it in San Francisco.  Mayor Gavin Newsome joins the gruesome twosome Yahoo and Google not  in just helping Commissar Chi Com in his Holocaust against the Christians of China, but plants his gruesome boot on Tibet in concert with the Red Chinese Han Chinese overlords of Tibet, stealing what little sustenance is to be had 15,000 feet in elevation! Mayor Gruesome, Daimler Benz and Germany in on the Holocaust of Christians.  Just ask Gheng Fao.  He worked in the Germany's pride Jeep factory at the reeducation camp while being electroshock tortured. 
Mayor Gruesome has no regrets!  Wonder what your Tibetan reeducation camp will make?  Little German sportscars for Mayor Gruesome to ride in?  These Dems who try to relive 1968 protests again and again squelch the same when they are the Mayor.  Daly and Gruesome sitting in a tree, one's like t'other as he can be.  Gruesome smarter cuz he called it all off.  Gruesome made the Mao-Mao Chi Com's compatriot list.  One will beat, and one will kill, one has a mobile execution van, and one a cattle prod tazer and truncheon too.  Gruesome has a way to stop the world from breaking through to show just what China's Myanmar do. 
4/8/8      Moses and Jesus share a waterless foodless fast 40 days in duration.  From Moses, the law, a new and central holy natiion, the Lord's Lighthouse to a dark demoniak world.  From Jesus, the Kingdom of Heaven, every man and woman aglow inside with the glory of God, the effulgence of an indwelling Christ animated by the infilling of the Holy Spirit. 
I can't fast a day  a day off food much less water,  small wonder I've so little to give.  40 temperate days would seem a fast to me.  Not that I drink. 
Even 40 days away on a mountain or in the wilderness devoted to God, fasting or not, what might our gift be?
4/5/08    Netflix gave me Firefly, the original miniseriesfrom my favorite movie, Serenity.    The women are all exciting in a strange way.  Heterosexual but with a masculine jag.  One, a warrior, one, a mechanic, one, a prostitute, and, another, a martial art psychic gothic girl. The pastor, shepherd, fearless and gentlemanly reaching out to all.  A pure soldier of fortune, big, burly, weapons minded and direct.  The pilot of the spaceship is poetic and graceful and married to the warrior aforementioned.  A doctor trapped here by his love for his gothic sister and the mechanic aforementioned to the jealousy of the soldier.  Finally, captain Malcolm Reynolds, a nobleman, fighting on for a life after his volunteered for rebel cause is defeated, the love is between him and the prostitute who must share him with his love for crew and ship, even as he shares the prostitute with her many clients on every planet.
It is all 500 years future and English and Chinese cultures are now universal on a faraway solar system colonized because Earth grew to small for the burgeoning population.
The new system is now controlled by the Alliance of inner planets controlling all the rest.  The Parliament meddles in search of the leftist progressive dream: A better world.  The failures are as monumental as any Communist central committee or DDT banning U.S. Congress could ever do.  But these are covered up and Mal will expose them, in the face of opposition from space ninja, an Alliance plenipotentiary operative.
4/4/08   Can't make up for wasted time on Netflix.   Netflix does have a fabulous Faith and Spirituality genre that has allowed me already to audit a college course in a single day with its' attendant late nite.  Worthiness comes from whereever you may find it.  This course was on Christian history in 6 half hour parts. Though I am alleergic to providing fainancial info. over the net, Netflix smartly provided a phone # to set up automatic billing offline. 
Also, I was able to see the entire Elizabeth R series in short order.  Struck by how the last bastion of unpersecuted Bible believers were ruled by nobles of their own sort,  the opposite of our country today, save the president himself, we are governed by ignobles who don't know Jehu from Jethro, neither Jezebel from Zeruiah.  The nobility of her court resounds right down to today in the results we enjoy today.   They even came to the aid of the Bible believers in France,  far fom our wrecthed recent past, allowing the myriad of Iraqi Christians to be decimated to a small decimal multiple of their past numbers.  They planted our seed in this new world,  and, here we are.  By wise statecraft these nobles kept the ship of Englands Bible believing state afloat an even prospering and the queen valued her nobles and in so doing made England what it became.
Read Protophorous

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Hey pcs! Political Christians! SuperGladiators! We need a pc, party of Christ  “There is no cause more important than affirming the transcendent right to life of all human beings, the right without which no other rights have any meaning”  Abortion and the Conscience of the Nation, President Ronald Reagan, 1984   goodnorman@live.com