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The Driving Issue! Worldwide anti-Christian persecution!

The entire world closes in against the people of God. The communists of China forbid regular Christian Worship. If regular Christian worship continues in China, the perpetrators will be tortured with electroshock at Holocaust loving Germany’s Daimler Benz and Jeep forced labor re-education camps. The other billion, the Moslems, torture and execute on a neighborhood everyman basis across Asia, the MidEast, Africa, Oceania, South-Eastern Europe, and the Balkans, by some estimates recently killing 7,000,000 Christians. The near billion East Indians do the same on a smaller but exponentially increasing scale. Mexican Marxists team up with drug cartelliers, as Marxists also do in Nicaragua Venezuela and Ecuador:  the common thread; they persecute Christians.  Burmese Buddhists expose Gautama’s demonic inspiration via barbaric genocide against three Christian nations within Burma.  In all these places Christians face deadly persecution.

In other places persecution takes a milder tone but still grows exponentially. In the U.S.A. a pastor or other cleric in charge of a ministry may not speak into the election debates. Thus the Christian Church is frozen out of politics and national influence. Consequently the Christians' influence and voice is being legislated and adjudicated away with impunity and that not just in the political arena. A moral voice is said to be hateful towards the immoral. Any reference to judgment of murderers at abortion clinics is thought to be inflammatory as in solicitation to terrorism. The publication of videotapes of children being drug into abortion clinics by their rapists is purged from the internet, let alone the regular media.

If all this goes on in America, imagine what goes on in less zealous nations.

The Luo tribal group combined with the Moslem minority in Kenya even burns Christian Kikuyus in their churches as they claim sanctuary there. Iraq (plus Kosovo and other quasi-nations invented by U.S. intermeddling) destroys the Christian church in the presence of U.S. antiterrorist armies. General Tommy Franks and Midland crony George W. Bush turn a blind eye toward anti Christian terrorism (as did the Clintons to anti Serb Christian and anti Sudanese Christian atrocities), small help finally coming to the few remaining Iraqi Christians from the Pope's importunity to Bush a year ago.

We do not see Christians trying to convert others to Christianity by the end of the sword or the Kalishnakov. Always it is the other way around. Christians are evangelistic to be sure. Jesus said, “Think not that I came to send peace on the Earth, Nay, a sword, and a man’s enemies will be those of his own household.” Yet it is via debate and persuasion and the action of the Spirit of Christ on the hearts of the lost that the Christians make headway. If the pen is mightier than the sword, so also is the Spirit mightier than the Kalishnakov and mob and family violence.

Those few places not persecuting Christians are Eastern Europe and Russia. They themselves come under antiChristian American persecution. Antiques in the midland secular group such as Condi Rice see Russian enemies and not the pervasive freedom of thought that exceeds even our own right there in the new E. Europe and Russia.

Not only is freedom of expression about the possibility of intelligent design allowed in Russian public schools and E. Europe such as the Czech Republic, further, in fact, you may go right in and present faith in Jesus Christ as savior as the most correct and beneficial way of dealing with life now and in the hereafter. The censorship we have in American public education is not unlike the cyber policemen on Google and Yahoo’s Chicom propping internet. Can the internet be used for antiChristian mind control? You bet it can and is, by U.S. Fortune 500s no less. Perhaps this is why the Dow and stocks are so cursed today, June 28, 2008.

You may ask, “Why don’t we see and hear more about it, then?

In the case of the Chi-coms No. Ko.-coms, Cambodian-coms, Laotian-coms and the Vi.Nam-coms: These communist states have already killed off their Christian populations in two waves. All they are doing now is controlling the thoughts and activities of the fittest(They survived, you see.) and limiting the reach of the converts to state churches wherein evangelism and activity outside church services is forbidden and membership limited to adults only(Christianity is a bain to coms like vice is to us, adults only). This entrenched mind control terrorism operates unseen to most.

Even where the intense killing persecution is occurring Little news escapes the place it occurs. What liberal reporter will risk his life for Christians? Christians are “The Man” “The Establishment” They are hated and stereotyped by the press and audiovisual media so strongly that heinous crimes are committed against Christians as at Columbine and in Amish country. The last thing these fascist bullyboys and girls are going to do is discover and report on some aspect of worldwide antiChristian persecution.

So the Sudanese Moslems killed and enslaved the entire So. Sudanese black Christian population with not only impunity but also privacy. Same with Myanmar’s committee and the Moslem world.

All these different groups have the same general. General Lucifer, with the serpent since the garden, not only commands these, but leads interference controlling the media through his World System: Kosmos Diabolicus. The Bible often just says World as The World, The flesh and the Devil. When the Christians fail, as ours have, the Lord cannot reach us about the catastrophes preventable befalling our brothers and sisters in Christ worldwide. The World has our attention. 

The World’s managers get deceptive wages. The glory they receive now is followed by an eternal weight of punitive disaster from the God they spurn and make light of. This God will have them in derision as Psalms 2 declares.

Want to know if you are The World, a functioning part of Kosmos Diabolicus?

How is your attitude toward the Lord Jesus Christ and Christians (it is vogue to call these targets fundamentalists now.)?

Do you and your buds share the same disdain and distaste for them? If so, chances are you are “The World.” Due to public Education's mind control you can sing the song, “We are The World.   We are the children!”

For us Christians, We cannot know the pain and suffering our brethren worldwide share if we are The World. If we are In Christ, then we not only have the fellowship of His suffering, but we also share the suffering of his body, the church, for we are members one of another. And of some more weight, we can sense an impending danger to our very own selves and families by the snowballing exponential growth of worldwide anti-Christian persecution. Given Yahoo’s and Google’s murderous parts in its Chi-com variant, it truly is a worldwide web, antiChristian spider web, descending so hard and fast that it is questionable whether or not we could respond to it fast enough to save our own skins, selfish as that is, even if we recognized it through The World’s cloaking devices.

Let’s say we do recognize it. Now what might we do? Help others recognize it.

Then What? Political action? Mercenary action? Not really, more like foreign legion or something noble.

But what if we’re old, fat and burdened down with children to take care of (poorly as it may be) and, yes, have vices? I’m not up to answering, shall we pray the Lord’s elder brother James’ prayer for wisdom nothing doubting? I think it is a start!

What will you do?
Is there hope?  Only in Christ.  Jesus Christ will win in the end.  Torments of the underworld is a thousand plus  years to those persecuting God's people.  Then those years, bad as they are, are parlayed into forever in the lake burning with fire and brimstone where the persecutors of Christians will be tormented day and night forever and ever.

Obama in bed with chief persecutors? damn tootin' click here

Hey pcs! Political Christians! SuperGladiators! We need a pc, party of Christ  “There is no cause more important than affirming the transcendent right to life of all human beings, the right without which no other rights have any meaning”  Abortion and the Conscience of the Nation, President Ronald Reagan, 1984   goodnorman@live.com