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Hebrews 7:8 -end, Enchanted Garden Bible Church, Pastor Norman DeArmond,

Hebrews 7:8 -end, Enchanted Garden Bible Church, Pastor Norman DeArmond, Febr. 6, Sunday, 2011 and Monday 2/7/11

Hebrews 7:8 Tithing continued with and without the Law. Pre-law Abe tithed to Melchizedek (Theophany of God the Son). Levitical priesthood tithed in Abraham to Christ, more than a theophany because it is Christ as a type of his future priesthood. Abraham is tithing everything he has a right to. Not just what he brings in. because he returned the spoils to the wicked King of Sodom. He declared I am not enriched by wicked secular participation, I am enriched by God our saviour and give Him the credit. God rewarded Abraham for giving God the credit. The idol worshipping King of Sodom tried to join with God by force at Lot's house, but Abraham did by obedience join to God, and the Kings might have likewise joined with God through obedience to teachings of righteous Lot. Tithes should be given like Abraham did, to Him that lives on. 7:11 Perfection and formation to spiritual maturity wasn’t available through the law as it is now in Christ’s love system he attained human spiritual maturity in and we now also operate in the new sphere of moment by moment rest and righteousness in the filling of the Spirit. 7:12 In it we share Christ’s Melchizedekian priesthood and the new law The Law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus. 7:13, 14 Judah was promised a scepter of rule that shall not end. Jesus of the tribe of Judah, also God’s firstborn and only born son (monogeneis) . Just as Melch. so also with greater force Jesus lives on and it is incumbent for everyone including Children of Abraham to honor him as God in both worship and tithes. because of His Power , the Holy Spirit and His eternal indestructible life. v.17 David wrote of the Lord, God appointed you a priest forever after the order of Melch. v.18 &9 Levitical law is put away because it could never produce spiritual maturity and perfection. When that which is perfect comes that which is imperfect is set aside. Christ’s new love system of belief in Bible Teaching, Confident anticipation of our Lord’s soon coming and the System of love leading to maturity and perfection are the three things that remain. You know them as Faith, Hope and Love. Our hope of Glory at Christ’s near return and our new status new creation in union with Christ seated with Him in glory, gives us access to God through Jesus, our high priest, and we priests in His order. We share then in a priesthood God swore by vow to Jesus by which vow and oath Jesus is also our guarantee on oath that our covenant of eternal life by faith in Jesus is secure. Levite priests couldn’t give eternal life they don’t have eternal life. Christ does, as do we through him, so also our hope of eternal life allows us in God’s eternal presence. same principle holding true with God’s righteousness, Christ’s, and ours. v.25 Christ vouchsafes us into God’s heaven to save us forever, to the uttermost. Such a high priest ought to be like Jesus actually is: Holy(Jesus, sent from the Father, born miraculously without Adam's tendency toward sin, He attributes this to us and fills us with the Holy Spirit both at salvation), innocent (Jesus capitalized on his entry into God's gift of the love system by not sinning, we have this virtue, from salvation or confession, sharing Christ's priesthood, until we fail, and sin), undefiled(Jesus bore the weight and penalty of our sins, the full suffering do each sinner that ever sinned, saved and lost, by using gate 10, love for people, especially the Royal Law-which derives its name from this cross-resistance of grudge and of antagonism toward the committers of the sins He was dying for), separated from sinners(Sinners separated Him from them in crucifixion, then in burial, ascension, glorification and present session, Christ was separate, even in forty days of resurrection appearances he appears to only his own, later in Paul's case, to one who converts on the spot), exalted above the heavens(Heaven was created as a fitting throne for our saviour and His Father and a forever home for us where our inheritance can be enjoyed forever). Such a priest does not need daily ministrations for his and the people’s sins. Jesus after all was sinless, and, He did the ministration once for all when he offered up Himself. The Law makes us men priests, frail as we are through sin, but the word of God’s Oath: “Priest forever after Melch.” after the law is removed, makes the Son High priest, who is perfect forever, as mature and eternal, and, now, even reassuming His forever deity, though his deity continued holding the universe and us together forever. 8:1&2 Glorified Christ is our high priest in session at God the Father's right hand, where in the true Holy of Holies, Jesus ministers, He intercedes for us, pleading His blood over saved sinners' sins and restoring fellowship when we confess, warding off Satan's desires to sift us, assigning angels to protect us from harm. 8:3-5 Levitical ministry is a cheap, but formerly necessary copy, of this. 8:6 Cheap in comparison to Christ's excellent ministry.

Christ is our mediator of the better covenant(To the unbeliever-believe Jesus for salvation, To the believer abide in my love system and it's new precepts-gates) by a better ministry(above), better promises (to the lost man, eternal life, to the saved, fullness of joy). 8:7-13 the new testament and the abrogation of the old: v.9 purpose: to deliver us from bondage v.10. gates 7 and 8 relying on promises and learning God's word supernaturally, v.11&12 are gates 1 and 2 the fellowship and filling of the soul by God the Holy Spirit. The new wine that replaces the old. Hebrews 9:1- 8 recounts the symbolic Judaic Levitical worship without access to God and the Holy of Holies where Jesus' blood makes true atonement. v.9 Just symbols for now when for the first time at gates 1 and 2 our consciences may be truly cleansed. v.10 Jesus brought this "reformation" from ritual and law. 11. Christ the messiah appeared and entered the true tabernacle in heaven as high priest of "good things to come." 12. with His own blood "once and for all" buying (for good) our eternal redemption. (two ways we can know our salvation is eternally secure). The goat and bull blood was a temporary ritual sanctification of the outward body. What Jesus did cleanses our heart soul mind and spirit(gates 1 and 2) so our conscience may be cleansed from ritual sacrifice as penance, and we may serve god by maturing at gates 2 through twelve. 9:15 Mediator Christ of a New testament, By appropriating His death, we appropriate the promise of an eternal inheritance. 16-28 The constant sacrifice and offering of blood of animals for ritual cleansing is a picture and proof that Christ Jesus had to give His life for us, enduring our shame and punishment so that we may receive of him in resurrection a true redemption and atonement in His blood. v.26 sin is put away. 27 men are still judged. 28 incarnate Christ was offered for all sins, resurrected Christ gives salvation at gate 1 to all without reference to sin. referring to sins will not save men. a future in Jesus, eagerly awaiting Him will. Hebrews 10. No maturity through ritual, v.2-4 conscience uncleansed at gates 1&2 the maturity process is stunted as we seek salvation again and again never truly attaining. v.5-7 Jesus as God the Son came to do God's will and pleasure sacrificing himself in fulfillment of the prophecy that was the old Testament. 8&9 removal of the old testament(established by death of bulls and goats-not God's will or pleasure) Establishment of the New testament 10! By this will and pleasure of God the Father and of Christ, God the Son, by the eternal Spirit (9:14) through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ once and for all we have been sanctified. v.11 constant rituals versus 12. Christ offered one sacrifice for all sins for all time died was buried rose ascended and glorified and Sat Down At The Right Hand Of God and we are seated with Him and together with Him wait expectantly rejoicing in Hope that for His (our) enemies to be made a footstool (Crushed) under His (our) feet. 14. for by one offering (Himself) He has perfected for all time those who are sanctified. Yes saved but more. What more? Part of the offering is suffering, death burial resurrection ascension glorification and session: Crushing seated in heave hoping waiting crushing maturity reached in the love system. abide in my love as in gates 1,2,7,8 in v. 15-18. The old testament is unnecessary. sins forgiven in Christ need no more offering. Let us then go on in the Love of Christ in the Holy of Holies at gate s 1&2. confessing is promoting our faith our belief in Bible Teaching rejoicing in hope and paying attention to encouraging each other in our progress in Christ's love system, our divine responsibility and occupation. v.25 Don't reject your assembling together, but encourage each other to attend increasingly for Jesus will soon call us from heaven, 26. habitual rejection of Christ after receiving gospel doctrine, the Bible's teaching about salvation or maturity, no other way of salvation is left. v.27 Only terror remains of a judgment from God fast approaching, and furious fire that will consume Jesus' adversaries. v.28 bodily destruction was the Mosaic Law's penalty. 29. What worse punishment for trampling over the Son of God, despising as unclean the blood of the New testament that sanctifies us and insulting the Holy Spirit of Grace. 30. God will retaliate there is a sin that leadeth to death God will judge his people. Better to judge our selves within Christ's love at gate 2, 31. than it is to discover how God will bring us back to his fold. Better to abide in Christ's love where there is joy, joy unspeakable and full of glory.  

Hebrews 10:32 We just saw how the worst sin is not joining together in fellowship, not idolatry or sloth, not gluttony nor harlotry, but ignoring the Son of God(trampling), ignoring promotion of bible teaching and ignoring assembling together in Christ, even insulting the Holy Spirit. So Paul asks these Hebrews, maybe they are like churched believers, churched from early youth, asks them to call to remembrance how they suffered for their faith, as individuals and the assembly, after God shined into their hearts the Bible teaching light, after changing priorities to hear the Bible taught, the world and the churched may turn your prosperity in the old way into adversity and may do the same to our fellow Bible learners. We need to show compassion to fellow Bible Believers: Somewhere the Bible followers are being imprisoned, our own wealth is reduced by the Devil persecuting us. We have better possessions and true liberty in Christ forever. 10:35 So don't throw out your confident anticipation in the expectation of reality of Bible promised blessings v. 36 We must be strengthened this way at gate 11. so that when God's training program for us at gate 11 is complete and we are strong enough to handle adult blessings we may then receive what was promised: our inheritance we keep learning about at gates 7 and 8. v.37 Jesus is coming to meet us like Melch. with blessings we are the ones holding him back by not progressing in Bible following. 38. My righteous one shall live by believing in Bible teaching. If he shrinks back and fails to learn and believe Bible teaching fails to mix God's promises with believed in Bible teaching, then Jesus righteous human soul will find no pleasure in him. v. 39 Shrinking back from entering God's blessings does not describe us. We are in the company of those who have believed in Bible teaching permeating our soul making our soul, heart and mind resilient and resistant to peer and Satanic pressure. Hebrews 11:1 Believed Bible Teaching permeating the soul, spirit, brain, heart, mind, vocabulary and conscience is the Holy Spirit's assurance by pledge and seal to us of the Bible promises we are confident Jesus bought for us and what the Holy Spirit uses to convince us that what the Bible teaches us about unseen spiritual realms is reality, is for sure and for real. v.2 By believed Bible teaching Old Testament people gained approval. v.3 By believed Bible teaching we understand that the worlds were prepared by the Word of God so that the visible was made by invisible spiritual God. v. 4-38 Roster of God’s first team of old testament heroes and their exploits made possible and accomplished through believed Bible Teaching. v.39 the great first team gained God’s approval through believed Bible Teaching. Still they did not receive the promise because God made a better end for us and apart from us the OT First Team could not be perfected. Only in our dispensation are the believers in heaven face to face with the risen glorified Christ. 12:1 Cloud now, hitherto in paradise, of witnesses-the OT First Team, surrounding us-they are with Christ now and we are seated in heavenly places in union with Christ. Therefore let us move forward, let us lay aside every encumbrance and the sinning which so easily entangles and ensnares us, in context not joining together in fellowship as in v.10.32 and let us start and/or continue our gate 11 resistance training program. v.2 Jesus is our example whose belief in Bible teaching gave him full spiritual maturity and stature to endure the cross for us counting upon the reward seated at God's right hand with us whom He purchased by his victory on the cross crossing the finish line and joining him in spiritual maturity. v.3 His example of sinners dissuading him from following God in the assembly of believers should embolden and strengthen us to make it to church when the bible is being taught. This will keep us from growing weary and losing our Bible based courage from our hearts. We haven’t after all had to shed blood to assemble together so why sin by failing to attend the Bible church assemblies. 12.5-10 God will keep us in his program (starting at gate 2 FHS, Holiness v.10 and 11) with unbearable suffering to get us back in His system and plan This is because we are born again into God's house and it matters to him how we turn out He is even responsible for us. v.12&13 God's program involves resistance testing and growth of our capabilities of following Christ, that is, operating in His love system, growing in Grace and the knowledge of our Lord and saviour, Jesus Christ. 14 Pursue peace as in a welcome and a reconciliation into the family of God by regeneration and sanctification of salvation. Don't let each other fail to live in God's Grace, let no mental attitude sin cluster fester in any of you sprout like a bitter cancerous root causing many to be defiled. Challenge each other to shed immorality and Godlessness, like today's political left in large part, They sell out sacred heritage for nothing, like Esau did for one meagre meal. What we discard so easily may be unwinnable again!! Contrast v.18-21 the Sinai of fiery rumblings with v. 22-24 the glory of heaven presided over by Jesus Himself. v.25-29 contrast God's earthly dealings with Israel with his Heavenly kingdom Chapter thirteen 13 1-4 Love at gate ten for people. v.5 and avoid the love of money be content with your lot, Jesus said I will never leave you nor desert younor will I ever forsake you. v.6 result: We may confidently boast in the Lord The Lord is my defender and provider, I will not be afraid of anything. What can man do against me.? v.7 Keep in remembrance your pastors and evangelists who minister God's Word to you . Consider the result of their devotion to the Bible and the church. Follow their example by believing Bible Teaching. v.8 Jesus Christ is the same, immutable as God, faithful priest ministering to us always. v.9 Stick to Jesus teachings and don't be carried away by odd and peculiar teachings. K.I.S.S. Keep it simple stupid. or you might be a knucklehead in Satan's service. Let the thinking part of your soul be strengthened by Grace teaching, not by foods that left their eaters unsatisfied. V.10 We have a superior altar to the Temple Levites. They burn the bodies of unwanted ineffective sacrifices outside the camp. Therefore, Jesus also that He might sanctify His own though His blood suffered outside the gate. Let us go to Him outside the Levite Temple camp, bearing his reproach. For here we do not have a lasting city. We seek the new heavenly Jerusalem. Through the lord of that city let us move forward, let us offer a sacrifice of praise to god, produced by our voices that are full of thanksgiving in Jesus name. 16. Do Good and share, with these sacrifices God is pleased. Submit to your leaders for they will keep watch over your souls for which they are responsible to God. Let them do it with joy , not sadness, which will take you down a lot with God and man. Pray for us leaders. that we may better serve you The God of peace (welcome into reconciliation and salvation) Who brought up to heaven the great Shepherd of us His sheep through the blood of the eternal covenant, Jesus our Lord, May even That God of Shalom/irene/peace equip you in His Love system in every good thing to grow in His love and do all His will working in us that which is pleasing in His sight, through Jesus Christ Whom we owe a debt to glorify with praise forever amen I beg you work this teaching out in your lives and minds. It is only 13 chapters and nine pages long. Timothy is out of prison and I will come and meet you with him shortly (Pauline authorship). Greet your leaders and every believer. Those from Italy greet you! (Pauline authorship) Grace to you Grace blessings and charismatic gifts from the Holy Spirit.

Hey pcs! Political Christians! SuperGladiators! We need a pc, party of Christ  “There is no cause more important than affirming the transcendent right to life of all human beings, the right without which no other rights have any meaning”  Abortion and the Conscience of the Nation, President Ronald Reagan, 1984   goodnorman@live.com